Quirky Ways to Repurpose Your Old Possessions

May 14, 2021

Quirky Ways to Repurpose Your Old Possessions

Due to being environmentally conscious and all too painfully aware of just how much waste the UK and the world produce every week, there is an incredibly ethical and upcoming trend towards repurposing old possessions and giving them a new lease of life. Rather than simply recycling, or worse, throwing old furniture and home décor items away, upcycling and repurposing is both an ethically commendable and extremely fun hobby and pastime.


Old Radiators

If you have or are thinking of creating a bar in your garden shed or garage, using an old radiator as a firm, quirky and sturdy bar table will be a real talking point for your next soiree. Alternatively, consider covering your old radiator with a strong glass panel and using it as a coffee table that really will be the talking point of your living room. Once you have repurposed your old radiator, consider investing in a bespoke designer radiator to add an extra level of drama and style to your living space.

Quirky Ways to Repurpose Your Old Possessions

Piano Benches

Consider repurposing an old and battered piano bench into a stylish and luxurious vanity seat to match your dressing table. Choose a paint palette to complement the existing furniture and décor in your bedroom or dressing room, cover the top with a piece of padded foam, and then cover it with a soft and thick fabric of your choice. The built-in storage inside the piano bench is perfect for storing any spare products, toiletries, make-up items or hair styling tools.


If you have old wooden ladders or stools gathering dust in the shed or garden, you could give the ladders a brand-new lease of life by sanding them down, varnishing the woodwork, and then using them as a quirky and eye-catching nightstand by the side of your bed. This also helps you utilise the space in your bedroom to the absolute maximum and the separated wide rungs of the ladder are perfect stepping stones like shelves to keep your reading lamp, glasses, glass of water and alarm clock. Not only have you entirely repurposed the old ladders, but you have created a beautiful bespoke bedside table.

Quirky Ways to Repurpose Your Old Possessions


Old Windows

Shabby window frames with peeling paint have definitely seen better days and are quite obviously not good enough to use for a standard classic window. However, you can turn this old piece of ‘junk’ into a stylish statement message board for the whole family to use and appreciate. Begin by removing any leftover paintwork by sanding down the entire frame carefully and thoroughly until all that remains is the uncovered and most likely untreated wood beneath. Brush on black chalkboard paint along each of the glass frames and allow them to dry overnight, ensuring they are completely dry before you continue. Next, decorate each window pane with family messages or names of your loved ones with white chalk and even affix old coat hooks on the bottom of the windowpane for extra usage.

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