Everything Players Need If You Are Going To Play Golf Regularly

October 09, 2021

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Golf is a great hobby to get involved in, but it isn’t a sport for everyone. Some people only try the game once, which means that there is no need to sink a lot of money into all the equipment. Someone is likely to lend you a club or some balls if you are ready to give it a go. However, if you end up liking golf you are going to need to prepare yourself correctly.

Golf may be a simple sport, but there is a lot of equipment involved. If you are thinking of taking up golf more regularly, you may want to think about getting the following items.


Your first set of golf clubs is extremely important. Learning to hit the ball, in general, is just your first taste of what this sport entails. Every stroke of the ball requires you to use a different type of club. A driver will kick off your game, but you will need a more delicate iron when you get closer to your goal, a wedge to help you out in tricky spots, and a putter to sink the ball at the end.

Most golf clubs will come as a set with all the above included. However, you will need to get used to the anachronisms of each of these tools the more you play the sport.

Club Covers

Once you have your first clubs you will need to take care of them. A golf bag isn’t the most secure location for your clubs, but you can’t waste time tying them down. They are going to knock together as you move them around, so invest in some covers to keep them protected.

Each golf club is designed to hit the ball in a specific way. Even the smallest divot in the metal can change your game completely, so you should always keep your clubs covered to prevent this damage.

Ball Markers

As you continue to play golf, you will start to notice certain annoyances that crop up. One of the biggest problems you may have is keeping your ball in place once you have hit it. Where your ball lands are the most important factor in tracking your progress throughout a game, and a small change can lead to a dispute with your opponent.

Golf is supposed to take place over a relaxing afternoon, so make sure you have the correct tools to keep it that way. A ball marker is used to pinpoint where your ball has landed, and it won’t roll away. Keep plenty of these on hand, and you will continue to enjoy every game you have.


Another key piece of equipment in golf is the tee. These usually come in a pack of one hundred; however, you will be surprised by how quickly you get through this set. Anyone that plays the guitar will know how easily their picks get lost. Golf tees are the same. If your initial bag starts to run low, nip out and get some more because you will struggle to play without one of these tiny items.


You may have initially thought that golfing gloves are worn to prevent your hands from slipping. However, you would be mistaken.

Once you have played a few rounds of gold, you will start to notice the wear and tear on your hands. One of the most common injuries in golf is blisters on the hands, and you will struggle to continue playing with this ailment bothering you all day. Golfing gloves protect you from developing blisters and provide you with a little extra grip.

Golf Shoes

Golf is a delicate game, one that requires balance over anything else. You may need a strong swing, but you will have a difficult game if you aren’t centred properly on the green. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you have the right type of shoes.

Your average pair of golf shoes are spiked to give you the grip and balance you need. These are known as soft spikes, and they are present on every pair of professional golf shoes, such as the footjoy golf shoes from F18. While these shoes are made to prepare your feet for a round of golf, they come with the added benefit of being comfortable. This is great when you are playing a sport that requires you to be on your feet all day.


An expert golf player will always have a towel on hand. This may seem like a strange piece of equipment to a novice, but you will be thankful to have one of these to hand as your game improves.

A towel is a simple piece of equipment that you can use for extra grip on your club. You don’t want to slip when making an important stroke, and any excess moisture on the handle will have a significant effect on how you play. What’s more, a towel will help you to stay on the green if the weather turns bad.

Golf Cart

Let’s be clear. You do not need to own a golf cart to play golf. These items can be rented from your local golf club, and they save you a lot of time during your game. Most golf games are played over eighteen holes, which is a long walk for a single afternoon. You could lug your gear across the course all day, but it is much easier to drive to your next location.

As you can see from the list above, you have a lot of equipment with you during a standard game of golf. Therefore, your game will go much quicker if you can gain access to one of these carts.


Golf is a great time if you come prepared. Once you get to grips with the sport, you will start to get an idea of what will improve your game. However, the items above will get you off to the best start possible.

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