9 Things to Do Before Baby Number 2 Arrives

August 22, 2022

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Waiting for a new baby is a joyous time, but it can also be nerve-wracking and a little stressful. Finding ways to celebrate the impending arrival can be a great way to keep you mentally healthy and strong for both your firstborn and new baby.

Any parent knows that life with an infant or toddler can be chaotic – introducing a new baby into the mix will only increase the lifestyle chaos. It is a good kind of chaos, though, and one to look forward to. Taking the time to enjoy quality time with your loved ones can be an excellent way to get ready for the baby to arrive.

Take A Family Vacation

This one is best done early in your second pregnancy before it becomes too difficult or dangerous for you to travel for extended periods. Your trip can be as big or small as you like, but make sure to invite all of your closest loved ones. A vacation can be a great way to get quality time and enjoy each other’s company before you get busy with a newborn again.

Start Preparing Your Firstborn

Transitioning from only child to older sibling can be rough on kids, no matter their age. It is vital to prepare them for the changes ahead and use age-appropriate language to explain what to expect. Some moms carry toy dolls with them around their eldest to get them used to you holding and giving attention to something else. Make sure to explain that you will love them just as much and that it is exciting that they’ll soon have a little sibling to play with.

Get A Babysitter For Some Romantic Date Nights

Quality time with your partner can be difficult to come by when you have young kids, so planning time together into your schedules is essential. Consider hiring a babysitter for an evening every couple of weeks to give you a chance to have a grown-up meal. You could even go all out and pay for an overnight stay, rent a hotel, and get a whole night of child-free sleep.

Host A Virtual Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great way to prepare for the new baby and get advice from other moms about how they transitioned from one to two kids. If you have loved ones spread across the country or worldwide, this can make it difficult to organize an in-person event, so hosting one virtually can be an excellent solution.

Virtual baby showers are every bit as fun as in-person ones, with the added bonus of no cleaning up afterwards! There are plenty of resources online to help you plan and execute your perfect virtual event. For an example of what’s out there, take a look at these great virtual baby shower games from the party experts over at Greenvelope.

Get Some Older Sibling Outfits

There’s nothing cuter than siblings wearing matching clothes or t-shirts that proudly proclaim their big brother or sister status. Taking your eldest on a shopping trip to invest in some cute sibling-related clothes can be another great way to prepare them for their incoming sibling.

Create A Playroom That Works For Both Kids

When you have one child, all areas of the house are dedicated to their use and play. When you have two, you need to start getting creative. Newborns and babies need completely different toys than toddlers and older kids, so making a playroom that is sectioned out for each child’s use is ideal.

Go For A Spa Day With Friends

Before like gets chaotic all over again with a newborn at home, consider spending quality time with friends. This can be a great bonding experience and a chance for you to have some child-free fun. A spa day is a perfect choice, where you and your friends can pamper yourselves, and you can work out some of the kinks that come with being pregnant.

Have A Big Birthday Party For Yourself

Most parties for parents are dedicated to kids, so a great way to celebrate yourself can be with a big birthday bash. How big the party is will depend on how close you are to your due date on your birthday. You could get some help planning from friends and family and have your partner do most of the heavy lifting.

Spend Quality Time With Your Firstborn

The time when you’re pregnant with your second child will be the last few months that your eldest has you all to themselves. Consider taking some time to spend bonding with your firstborn, and ensure they know just how important they are and how much they’re loved. You could do some of their favourite activities, or you could get their help while going through your household chores.

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