7 Tips Learnt from Beauty School for Makeup

September 12, 2022

Whether you’re looking to become a professional artist, or are one already, or you do your own makeup every day, there’s one thing you should know. Trends change. And, your routines should change to reflect that as well. That means you need to learn new tricks to better your makeup skills to keep up with the current trend.

While some things change over time, the fundamental remains the same. Learning makeup tips and tricks like these could help make your makeup last longer and make your process more efficient.

So, are you ready to do some learning and get acquainted with those tips you absolutely have to know? Those tricks that will remain the same no matter what kinds of trends come along? If you’re ready to learn, reading on is the right move, as I’ve created a list of pro tips you should remember when doing makeup on yourself or on anyone else.

Prep the Skin

One of the worst things people do when putting on makeup is doing so on skin that isn’t prepped. If the skin is bumpy or dry, the makeup isn’t going to look well on top of it or hold well for that matter. So, take a couple of minutes to prep your skin before applying any makeup.

How do you prep, though? This should be easy. Exfoliate, moisturize and then use a primer. Plus, remember to let the products soak in for half a minute or so between each step, as that will also enhance the entire appearance and make your face look more nurtured and soft.

Check Foundation on Neck

Have you ever seen someone with the wrong foundation shade? Sure you have. We all have. Visible makeup lines are certainly not cute, and the Kosmetae Academy of Spa Aesthetics and Hair Design and any other place that can teach you to become a good artist will always make that perfectly clear and teach you how to choose the right foundation shade.

A good tip to use here is this. Check the foundation on your neck when buying for yourself, instead of on your arm. That’s how you should match the tone. And, when applying foundation on someone else, check the shade on the neck as well before covering the whole face.

Highlight One Feature

There are people that adore highlighting pretty much everything on their faces, and we have to respect that. Yet, we also have to say that highlighting just one feature always creates a much better effect. That’s a tips you absolutely have to remember, whether you want to be a professional makeup artist or you’re just looking to enhance your routine.

What does this tip essentially say? Basically, don’t overdo it. If you’re highlighting the eyes, keep the lips neutral, and vice versa. Pick the favourite feature on your face, or on someone else’s face and highlight that one.

Prep Your Lips Before Lipstick

Have you ever put on lipstick and had it look bumpy and unflattering? You’re not alone. Another thing you should learn to improve your makeup skills is how to prep your lips before lipstick. Read more tips here.

Now, you may think this includes simply applying your lip balm, but that’s not the case. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. After that, moisturize them with a primer. Once you do this, the lipstick will look smooth and amazing, and you won’t have the uncomfortable dryness on your lips bothering you.

Your Eyebrow Pencil Can Plump the Lips

Since we’re talking about the lips, here’s another tip to know. Instead of using a lip pencil, you can actually use an eyebrow pencil to plump the lips. A grey or ash colour will do the trick and make your lips look more natural. And, a natural look is always something to go for.

How do you do this, though? It’s quite simple. You just draw a line on the contour of your lips and then blend it inwards. It’s as easy as that and can create the perfect effect.

Use a Concealer Around Your Nostrils

A concealer around your nostrils can do some magic as well. It covers up the redness near your nose and helps you look more refreshed. As every makeup artist knows, this makes people photo-ready. Also, consider learning a one-minute makeup trick, it's a game changer even if you don’t add the concealer on your face. 

Don’t Forget the Blush

Do you often skip the blush when you contour? Well, you shouldn’t. Using a cream one can make your whole look much more appealing and amazing.

Some professionals also use lipstick on the cheeks to create a great effect, but this depends on your preferences. If you’re going for a more natural and gentler look, you can just go for a cream blush and then apply a powder product on the apples of the cheeks to brighten up the face. Once again, this depends on your preferences or your client's preferences, but the bottom line is that you should never forget the blush.

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