5 Made in Italy Fashion Items to Bring Home

October 24, 2022

5 Made in Italy Fashion Items to Bring Home

You may be drawn to Italy for many reasons, the gelato, risotto, pizza, culture, and breathtaking sights. Another primary reason why Italy draws in so many people is its vast high-quality, luxurious clothing designs. Italy and fashion are two words that easily roll off the tongue, and it is easy to see why when you visit. So, after enjoying the sights and food, you can bring back your loved ones a few fashionable souvenirs that will make them feel like they visited Italy with you.

Some of the items to consider include:

1. Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

The main accessories you want to get in Italy are impeccably made jewelry and timepieces. From necklaces, bracelets, to high-end watches, Milan is home to Pisa Orologeria, one of the best places to shop for jewelry and watches. Given its traditional craftsmanship and its crucial role in the fashion industry, Milan is the place to go if you’re into high-end fashion and luxury items. Here you will find streets filled with world-class designer boutiques, elegant department stores, as well as local artisans.

2. Cashmere Sweaters or Scarves

Are luxury and warmth better than an incredibly soft cashmere sweater or scarf? We don't think so. The cashmere wool used in Italy is of the finest choice, and you know that cashmere doesn't get softer or warmer than this. A few sweaters for your loved ones back home will make them feel loved and keep them warm during the cold months. The best place to go shopping for cashmere is in Tuscany or in the tiny town of Solomeo (Umbria) at Brunello Cucinelli, the king of Cashmere.

3. Leather Bags

5 Made in Italy Fashion Items to Bring Home

Leather bags are loved for their opulence and durability. Florence is famous for the quality of leather they produce, making Italy a number one stop for leather bag lovers. It is wise to use caution when shopping for leather because they are made knock-offs in circulation, and purchasing one is illegal. Genuine Italian leather is distinguished by its robust and unadulterated grain structure, its unique smell and authentic feel. Purchasing your full-grain leather bags from a licensed shop is recommended to get good quality items and value for money.

4. Ceramics

Fashion in Italy is not limited to clothing and accessories; it transcends to ceramics. The quality you get from Italy is excellent because they are hand-made and hand-painted. You can choose from the various available forms, including majolica, terra cotta, porcelain, and earthenware.

Most of the Italian pottery is made in Deruta, an Umbrian town renowned for its remarkable designs and use of European red clay. These Italian ceramics make for the perfect souvenirs; since they are so durable, you can turn them into family heirlooms. Many generations can enjoy these works of art to come.

5. Glassware

5 Made in Italy Fashion Items to Bring Home

It is safe to say that Italy is one of the pioneers of decorative glassware. Their Murano glass from the Venetian islands is exquisite to look at. Since the nineteenth century, Murano glass has been used to make artistic glassware and is quite valuable. The Murano glass was not only once used as currency but served as inspiration for many forms of art, including famous paintings by Sargent and Whistler. The appraisal value of Murano glassware will keep growing, and some pieces are considered antiques. So whether you get a Murano glass vase, sculpture, or mirror, your loved ones are sure to feel special.

The uniqueness of getting the five Italian souvenirs listed above assures that your money is well-spent. The person getting the gift will cherish the valuable item for years to come.

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