Motherhood And Skin Fatigue: How To Restore Your Youthful Looks

January 27, 2023

How to restore your youthful looks

The pressures of motherhood go without saying. Taking care of your kids requires a lot of hard work and many sacrifices. When you add the challenges of navigating the ever-changing, fast-paced demands of everyday life, managing it all is physically and emotionally exhausting. Without balance, parenting can take a toll on your well-being. Although most are aware of impact on the mind and body, ineffective lifestyle choices can also affect your skin.

Skin Fatigue

Skin fatigue is best described as changes in your skin due to unhealthy practices like poor nutrition, limited exercise, and inefficient rest. Your skin can also become fatigued due to stress, smoking, alcohol, and increased exposure to environmental contaminants.

Signs Of Skin Fatigue

How do you know if you have tired skin? Continue reading to learn more.

  • Dark Circles - If you wake up with “racoon eyes”, chances are you’re suffering from skin fatigue. The darkened pigmentation underneath your eyes is your body’s way of saying you’re dehydrated and sleep deprived.

  • Puffiness - When you’re dehydrated, your body retains water underneath the eyes, causing them to look puffy.

  • Fine Lines - Do the fine lines on your face cause you to appear older? While wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of aging, unhealthy lifestyle choices can cause them to appear prematurely. Your skin’s PH balance is off reducing its moisture content, which results in fine lines. Many people hate the wrinkles and fine lines that appear and remind them they’re getting older. Along with our tips below to help improve your skin, you can look into getting Botox which is more commonly used than it used to be and can be a longer term solution to wrinkles.

  • Dullness - Dry, gray, and lacklustre skin are all signs of fatigue. Since your body hasn’t had enough time to replenish itself, it causes a buildup of dead skin cells and reduces moisture, eliminating your once vibrant and youthful glow.

Treating And Preventing Skin Fatigue

Makeup and cosmetic treatments are often the go-to solutions for mothers suffering from skin fatigue. While these options may improve your appearance temporarily, achieving healthy skin requires you to treat the root cause. Below are some suggestions:

  • Get Adequate Sleep - Sleep deprivation and motherhood go hand and hand, especially when you have small children. Be that as it may, going multiple nights without at least 7 to 9 hours of rest can have lasting effects on your health and appearance. One way to get more sleep is to develop a bedtime routine that prioritizes self-care and allows you to unwind for the night.

  • Stay Hydrated - Drinking coffee, tea, and energy drinks throughout the day isn’t going to provide your body with proper hydration. You must consume more water. Up your H2O intake to a minimum of eight glasses a day. If you’re having difficulty drinking the required amount you could consider keeping a reusable bottle with you, consuming water with your meals, and adding fresh fruit to boost the flavour.

  • Use Quality Skincare Products - A healthy skincare routine is essential to preventing and coping with skin fatigue. Purchase a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer with natural ingredients for your skin type. Also, consider products like under eye cream to prevent or treat dark circles.

  • Break Bad Habits - Bad habits like smoking, drinking, or emotional eating are often coping mechanisms for people that are physically or emotionally overwhelmed. Although it may not happen overnight, quitting these practices is essential to your well-being. Find healthy ways to manage stress and if necessary, seek help from a doctor, therapist, treatment centre, or support group.

  • Nutrition And Fitness - No more skipping meals or putting off your workouts because you’re tired or busy. While there will be days when you miss the mark, you must prioritize diet and exercise. Whether that means meal prep, food delivery kits, batch cooking, working out at home, or finding a gym with childcare services, you’re encouraged to find ways to keep your mind, body, and appearance intact.

Hectic lifestyles and unhealthy choices to cope with an ever-demanding life substantially impact your physical and emotional well-being. Your skin’s appearance has a way of showing you that your choices are affecting your health. If you’ve experienced dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, or dull skin, perhaps it’s time to make the necessary changes to improve.

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