Choosing the Right Fabrics for Your Swimwear

October 23, 2023

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What should I wear to the beach? That is a question many people ask before heading out to enjoy the sun and sea. There is no right or wrong answer because there are numerous selections and options. In addition to considering what you should wear, you should also think about the material your swimwear should be made of. Here are some of the most popular materials you can try when choosing swimwear.


Lycra is a popular choice for swimwear due to its flexibility and elasticity, meaning it can withstand a lot of tension. It is also breathable and filters the sun’s harmful rays very well. Lycra also withstands frequent washing much better than other materials, so any graphics printed on it remain bright and intact for a long time.

Lycra is also the material of choice for fabric blends in swimwear and fashion. You will find it combined with different fibers and fabrics so it can add its unique properties to the final material.


Designers often use nylon as part of a fabric blend, although it is also used on its own when woven. It is lightweight, dries quickly, and withstands the effects of chlorine very well, making it the perfect material if you prefer a swimming pool to the sea.

Nylon also holds its shape very well and avoids unsightly folds. Its properties make it perfect for both women’s swimwear and men’s designer shorts. Its tensile strength also sets it apart compared to other materials, and it is very durable due to this property.


This fabric is made from the processing of fibres like cotton and is woven when creating swimwear and other types of attire. The main differences between cotton and poplin are that cotton is generally heavier, hangs more loosely, and feels softer.

Poplin, on the other hand, is lightweight and has a more structured look. It is, therefore, perfect for structured, contoured, and fitted swimwear.

Poplin is also considered an exotic material, so you will not find too many brands using it. Many would rather go with cotton, especially for men’s swimwear, because they get to avoid the extra processes of manufacturing poplin.

Polyester and Its Blends

When used in swimwear, polyester is often combined with elastane (Lycra) to improve its strength and stretchiness. These blends work well in swimwear because they are UV and chemical-resistant.

They also absorb dye very well, meaning you can print on them with incredible results and the print will stay on even after multiple washes. Polyester blends also feel soft against the skin, dry quickly, and absorb less water than other blends and fabrics.

There are several factors to consider when considering swimwear fabric. The main considerations include UV resistance, chemical resistance, strength, durability, stretchiness, breathability, and quick drying. You want materials with all these properties to ensure a comfortable fit, whether you are by the pool or enjoying a day at the beach. Every material will feel different, so you should try each to see how they feel and fit.

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