6 Factors to Consider When Caring for Your Skin

November 14, 2023

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The skin care products you buy and tactics you adopt can determine if your skin is healthy, smooth, and clear, or dull, dry, and susceptible to various issues, such as acne, pigmentation, or redness.

Never just pick up a product because it’s popular, expensive, or attractive. Instead, you must make an informed choice to protect the health and happiness of your complexion.

Prevent issues and start taking better care of your appearance each day. Here are 6 factors to consider when caring for your skin.

Your Skin Type

Most people tend to focus on finding products to combat a specific issue, such as crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, facial redness, or acne. Yet, they might fail to factor in their skin type when picking up a product online or in-store. Before buying a moisturizer, serum, or sunscreen, you must consider the type of skin you have and find a product that complements it.

For instance, people with sensitive skin must invest in skincare products that are formulated with this specific problem in mind and have minimal ingredients, as they will reduce the likelihood of dryness or a flare-up. Ointments and creams are great options, too, as they will soothe the skin much more than lotions.

However, people with oily skin will need to improve moisture without increasing oil production. Therefore, they should pick up oil-free skincare products to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Buying products with your skin type in mind will prevent unwanted side effects while helping you to accomplish a specific goal, such as reducing puffiness, wrinkles, or age spots.

Your Age

It’s beneficial to choose skincare products that complement your age. As the decades pass, your skin’s needs will change, and you may need to incorporate new, more effective items into your skincare regimen. For example, oil-free products might have been ideal during your teenage years or your twenties, but your skin might become dull and dry once you enter your thirties.

You may need to incorporate more products into your daily routine to tackle age-related complexion problems, such as high-quality serums and anti-aging creams to reduce signs of premature aging or sun damage.


Many people make the mistake of overlooking sustainability when selecting one or more skincare products. However, everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, its wildlife, and the future of our planet.

Sustainable, cruelty-free skincare products are essential in your skincare regimen. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a cleanser, serum, sunscreen, or moisturizer; you must select items with ocean-friendly, sustainably sourced, and toxin-free ingredients, and with environmentally friendly packaging.

You must ensure that the items you buy are 100% cruelty-free, meaning they’re not tested on animals. This will ensure that you have a clear conscience each time you’re applying a product to your face or body.

A Product’s Ingredients

As mentioned, your skincare products must be natural, sustainable, ethically sourced, and manufactured. What’s more, it’s crucial to read the label before purchasing them to ensure that they don’t contain any artificial fragrances or colours that may irritate your skin or trigger a flare-up of a skin condition.

For example, phthalates may not cause a serious risk to your health, but they are deemed an endocrine disruptor that can play havoc with your hormones. Also, lip balms and moisturizers should contain sunscreen to create a protective barrier from the sun’s strong UV rays.

Bear in mind that a product’s ingredients will determine its lifespan, which is why you must make sure you use them before their expiry date. Otherwise, they might develop a buildup of bacteria that may irritate your skin and increase your risk of a skin infection.

If you’re allergic to a specific ingredient, it goes without saying that you should always read the label make sure you don’t apply it to your face or body.

An Existing Skin Condition

If you’re living with a specific skin condition, it’s wise to incorporate products that address its symptoms. For example, you might want to incorporate a moisturizer suitable for all skin types or sensitive skin, as it will help to combat eczema, psoriasis, or age spots.

If the products fail to ease the symptoms of a skin condition despite continual use, visit a dermatologist to discuss more effective solutions, such as a prescription ointment, cream, or lotion.

Honest Customer Reviews

If you’re unsure about a product, it doesn’t hurt to read some impartial customer reviews online so you can make a more informed decision.

Many shoppers are happy to write honest reviews or blog posts to highlight the benefits of a product or help others learn from their mistakes. Reading lots of reviews before you buy could save you much money, time, and effort, and increase your likelihood of finding a product that suits your needs.

Remember that everyone’s skin is different. One product that works for you might not work for someone else, which is why you must read more than one review to incorporate the right item into your skincare regimen.


A strict skincare routine can help you develop a youthful, clear, and radiant complexion, making you feel attractive and confident each day. Yet, you must continue to adapt to your skin’s evolving needs and ensure that you read the labels to avoid ingredients that could trigger one or more side effects, such as inflammation, breakouts, or flare-ups.

In addition to taking your age, skin type, and skin condition into account, you mustn’t overlook a brand’s ethics to ensure that you buy sustainable, cruelty-free items. It will provide peace of mind that the high-quality, natural, and effective product won’t come at the cost of the Earth or an animal’s health and happiness.

Always read reviews before you buy, browse ingredients, and consider your specific needs to increase the likelihood of adding a safe and effective product into your routine. A little research could boost your confidence when buying a new moisturizer, serum, or cleanser, and ensure that you develop an enviable complexion that will make you beam with confidence every day of the week.

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