Best Ways to Wear Womens Sweatshirts with Style

December 06, 2023

Decades ago, sweatshirts and hoodies were home clothes, cozy outfits for training, and something you'd wear when taking out the trash or walking the dog. It gained fashion popularity in the mid-2010s as a part of streetwear and has experienced its peak in the last few years as a basic piece you can wear anytime.

Check out the history of hoodies here.

You might have at least one sweatshirt in your wardrobe. But the good news is that you no longer have to wear it only at home, you can proudly and stylishly take it to the street, a restaurant, and even the workplace. We suggest how to fit this piece into your outfits, whether you're aiming for an understated style or bold looks.

It's All About Layers

Zip-up and pullover hoodies in neutral colors are basics you can wear in many ways, and adding layers is both comfy and practical. You can add them both under and over your sweatshirt and thus be fully equipped for the chilly days ahead.

For example, to carry out your daily routine, you can dress comfortably by wearing a tight turtleneck or a thin knitted sweater under a zip-up sweatshirt. As for the lower part, the choice is quite wide depending on what you feel most comfortable in. These can be leggings, leather pants, cargos, or plain jeans.

Over this combo, you can wear a denim jacket or oversized leather jacket for a completely casual look.

Pair a Hoodie with a Skirt

You might have thought a hoodie isn’t cute and feminine, but pairing it with women's skirts can help you achieve both. For example, graphic sweatshirts with skater skirts and flats or ankle boots are a fantastic daily combination. You can wear a plain black or navy blue skirt with hoodies in pastel colours for a versatile casual ensemble.

Consider pairing sweatshirts with midi pleated skirts to add a touch of femininity. An oversized hoodie over a skirt that gently falls halfway down your calves, plus white sneakers, gives the impression of effortless casualty and femininity at the same time. And if you strive for sexiness, tuck your hoodie in a skirt and put on heels or knee-high boots.

Wear It with Jeans

In your younger age, the combination of hoodie and jeans was probably one of the most loved because it's wearable on many occasions, like casual gatherings in dorm rooms, going to school or college, walks, games, etc. On top of that, it's quite comfortable to stay in all day.

As you grew up, you might have reconsidered sweatshirts as your everyday wear. Now it's time to bring it back to life because - hoodies and jeans are back! Whether it's denim pants or a more girlie look with jeans skirts, pairing jeans with a sweatshirt is a score and a desirable outfit for daily events.

For cooler days, you can pair a crewneck sweatshirt or hoodie with wide-leg jeans and ankle boots. Top the outfit with an oversized blazer or trench coat. Instead of ankle boots, you can also opt for sneakers, giving your outfit a casual touch. As for accessories, a bucket bag or backpack will be quite enough.

Suit Up

The combination of a suit and a sweatshirt (see here for types) may seem too odd if you're used to a simple look. Given that these two pieces of clothing belong to diametrically different styles, pairing them up seems unimaginable to someone. But by following a few simple rules, you can wear your favourite hoodie even to work or casual business gatherings.

For your workday, choose plain suits with a simpler cut. They already have a certain amount of casualty, so adding a hoodie isn't a total extravagance. As for a sweatshirt, choose slim models so they don't bunch up under a blazer and fall nicely over trousers. The blazer should be longer than the hoodie because it gives a touch of corporateness to your outfit.

Hoodie and suit are a powerful business combination, but you can wear them off work, too. You can have more freedom and go with oversized blazers or trench coats over hoodies. Wide leather pants, cargos, or shorts can help you rock this look.

If you opt for cropped hoodies, pair them with high-waist pants (let the sweatshirt fall slightly over the edge of the pants because showing off some skin isn't really desirable during colder days). Add a tailored jacket, and you have a combination that you can wear all day long, from your office to the bar.

Fashion has no boundaries, and pairing seemingly incompatible items is the hottest trend of all. So getyour favorite sweatshirt from your closet and dare to rock some of the outfits we suggest. You'll look great!

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