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That Little Black Dress
That Little Black Dress
(see post)
Spring outfit in full bloom
Spring Outfit in Full Bloom
(see post)
What to wear for Engagement Shoot
What to wear for Engagement Shoot (see post)
colours and florals outfit of the day
Colours and florals
stripes and peplum outfit of the day
Stripes and Peplum (see post)
Beautiful Tulle outfit of the day
Beautiful Tulle (see post)

Black and white

Shades of blue

Flowy and bright outfit for waterfront wedding

Floral breezy Friday

Summer candy colours

Sheerness and nice day outfit

Snow cone colours

Summer is here!

Lace and tulle

Floral Outfit

Back to the basic hues

Outfit of the game (see post

A casual day out with stripes and denim

Floral day

#FF = Floral Friday!

Bright colourful day

Fluorescent Sunday

Pastel pink wedding outfit

Classic lace and red pumps

Matchy matchy

Crochet lace made a day

Statement bib glam

Wine Red V-Neck 
Peplum Dress (see post)

The smell of fresh mint

Layered collars and
little gold buttons

Purple & Ruffles

A mix of texture and prints

Floral Saturday: scuba top with organza bottom

Gold accents

A mix of texture and prints

Detail beaded peplum 
(see post)

Geo prints kind of day

Lace, sheer and transparency

Neutral tones with a 
feminine touch

Asymmetrical skirt with 
peplum top (see post)

Leopard and fuchsia

Stripes x Pleated Skirt

School Girl Glam

Polka dots and Sheer 

(see post)

Tres Chic

Feelin' blue and studded

Leather x buckles
Statement bib necklace
Button collar details

When lime, grey and
cobalt mix together

Happy Valentine's Day with a pop of red

Floral organza top with
peacock shoes
Statement gems of the day

Prints x Bright colour

When in doubt, 
go black and white
Blueberry knitted peplum sweater
Sparkly Boxing Day outfit details with sequins
Outfit for New Year's Eve
count down
Metallic gold for New Year

In my 1920s look

Pink geo prints with sexy back

Red with lace and tulle
Military blouse x leopard accent
Blazer shoulder details

Geo prints with beaded
shoulder patches

Bright floral outfit for the last days of summer
Nautical with a pop of red
I'm Late for Halloween 
(see post)

My nautical casuals

High waist, high heels and
high pony tail

Outfit for outdoor fun at the Ex (see post)

Black, white and gold
Studded love
Sheer polka dots with high waist shorts

Bright and beautiful day outfit

Stripes x straps

Peach studded heels

Sheer and tulle
Colours make me happy
A night out of yellow and blue

Feelin' Lace
Caramel pistachio kind of day
Outfit for El Catrin Launch Party (see post)
Metallic neutrals
Hot summer day
Nautical with a pop of red

Yellow Summer

迷人 Pink Lady

Floral crochet with simple maxi

Have this pointy design going on
Summer holiday mode
Peach and Floral Mix

Date night outfit
Crochet detailing outfit
Safari hunter lady

Rose petal shorts

It's all about the Bows & Ruffles
Peacock x giraffe crossover

Tuxedo blazer

Polka dots x Stripes

Tone on tone with patterns and prints

Love the movement of my skirt
Asymmetric dress for a wedding   Goddess from the sea (see post)Goddess from the sea (see post) 
Graphic tee with trench coat
Ruffles and layered Cobalt

Sailor with big ruffles ⚓

Peplum pencil skirt x yellow sheer top

Rocker Feminine

Trench coat of the day

Bright day bright outfit
Summer is almost here
Casual polka dots with stripes
Dalmatian v.s. Giraffe
Blazer and long pants

Merry-Go-Round Casual Friday

Shine bright like a diamond
  Sakura Hanami Outfit (see post)
Sakura Hanami Outfit (see post)  

Stripes + pleads with wings 
& bows

Cobalt lace with gold buttons
Sandals x florals Sandals x florals in boyfriend jeans

Happy sweet 16th birthday to my company!

Easy, breezy, beautiful

Bright day bright outfit

Queen of Hearts Outfit
Nautical Yellow and Blue
Peplum lace & snake skin

Outfit in Cuba Day 1: with my love of bows

Outfit in Cuba Day 2: polka dots and lace

Outfit in Cuba Day 3: Flower sandals

Easter Monday outfit

Ruffles & Florals

Bold & Electric

Grunge pattern with Dalmatian

Easter Sunday outfit

Easter Monday shoes of the day

Retro colour blocking

It's monochromatic
Monday office lady

Snow White Lace
Nautical arm party Inspired by the caramel macchiato from Starbucks

A tribute to one of my favourit art periods, Baroque

Casual denim for today
Sunday's knit & tweed

Batman Rises

The Kiwi Allure

Polka dotted monotone with a splash of raspberry fuchsia

Red Nautical Theme Outfit

Florals x Colours in Winter

Fur bag x brown boots

Valentine's Day Outfit (see post)
  Birthday Outfit Of the Day
Birthday Outfit (see post)

Diva Mode

Chinese New Year Outfit (see post)

Jewel floral necklace x lace

Office sweetheart for 

Valentine's Day

Walking on nails

Having a mustard fever

I am a sucker for prints

Tweed jacket x satchel bag

Leopard shorts for Fall

Feelin' kinda blue

Inspired by New Year's countdown confetti from NYC
 (see post)

Gold Peplum x Green

Polka dots with red 

cherries on top

Blueberry Muffin Pie
(see post)

Ugly Sweater Day Outfit (see post)

Ms. Santa is coming to town

Pistachio Pudding Parfait (see post)

Mixed Berries Mascarpone Trifle

Caramelized Banana Torte

The Green Onions look
(see post

Oreo cookie with strawberry cream (see post)
  Wild Berry Skittles
Wild Berry Skittles (see post)

Mad Men Makeover
(see post

Summery flower sandals

{Costume DIY} Become a Bullet Bill for Halloween (see post)

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