Easter Bunny Cake Pops Bouquet {Tutorial}

March 29, 2013

{Make your own Easter bunny cake pops bouquet}

Besides Jesus, I think bunny is my second most favourite thing about Easter. I love bunnies. They are so adorable that I follow a bunny account on Instagram. Following after would be Easter eggs. Do you know that I love eggs? I even have a category for them here on my blog. My love for eggs dated back to Kindergarten. I remembered on Easter, my class would paint our own Easter eggs and hide them in the garden. Then, the whole class would have to hunt for each other's egg and put it into our little decorated basket. So by the end of the day, each person would have one special egg to bring home for the holiday. It was really fun. As I grew older, Easter has become less fun (though not typically in a bad way). But I try to commemorate this special day in my own way. For example, last year, I dressed up my car as a bunny, see post here.

Today, I want to share with you how to make this cute red velvet Easter bunny cake pops bouquet. Instead of having the bouquet arranged in a basket like my Christmas cupcakes bouquet, I decided to wrap my cake pops like an actual flower bouquet. I also made a Christmas version with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Cute idea, huh?

{To make cake pops bouquet}

You will need:

  • 10 or a dozen cake pops of any flavour (depending on how big you want your bouquet)
  • Long skewers
  • Fondant for bunny ears and flower decorations (I made mine from marshmallows, see here)
  • Coloured tissue papers
  • Ribbons


  1. Cut a 4" square from tissue paper (purple)
  2. Insert skewer in the centre of tissue paper
  3. Then insert into a cake pop
  4. Wrap tissue paper around cake pop and secure bottom with tape or elastic band, repeat process for all cake pops
  5. Arrange cake pop skewers in a batch with bunny cake pop sticking taller than others in the middle
  6. Secure whole batch with elastic band
  7. Wrap a large piece of tissue papers around the batch and secure the bottom with tape or elastic band
  8. Tie ribbon around the bottom
That's it!

{An alternative to display cake pops bouquet is in a lovely jar or vase}

Hope you guys all have a Bun-tastic Easter holiday!

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