Too Cool for Tacos {La Carnita}

March 19, 2013

I was told to try La Carnita because it seems like a cool hipster kind of urban eatery that I would enjoy. I added it to my to-try list since then. Without really knowing what kind of food they serve, I took my friend there and tried it out last weekend. Then, we found out everything there was tacos! I'm not a huge fan of tacos but I am down to try specialized dishes.

Here is what we ordered:

{Who Shot Ya and Tequila Sunrise Cocktails $11}

{Top: Choriqueso $12  | Bottom: Assorted Tacos approximately $5 each}
For starter, we did not go for the popular tortilla chips with guacamole dip that almost every table ordered, instead we ordered the Choriqueso which is basically a warm salsa with melted cheese, sausage and some beans. Very crispy tortilla chips off the fryer. I'm glad we ordered this because the melted cheeses were finger licking awesome. Then, for mains, our server recommended approximately 3 tacos would be enough to fill one person up. So I ordered three, whereas my friend with larger stomach capacity ordered four. We both went for their signature taco, In Cod We Trust but I honestly did not really enjoy the sauce and the combination with the sour flavour from the green apples.

{From top left across, Tostada de Ceviche, Chorizo with mango salsa, In Cod We Trust, Crispy Avocada & Frijoles, Chorizo again and Arctic Char Tostada}
Overall, I think each taco has a fairly interesting twist and ingredient mix that I've not tried in a taco before but the best one of the night has to be the Arctic Char Tostada that is only available on Saturday. The little bit of spiciness in the coriander sauce does wonders to bring out the flavour of the Char. The other ones are not so memorable to leave us a lasting impression.

As for the desserts, I was very surprised that they are more spectacular than their specialized tacos. We ordered the churros because they looked so tasty from the tables around us and also the Chocolate Donut popsicle (I mean, can you resist just by hearing that?).

I love the churros, they are crispy golden brown on the outside yet soft on the inside rolled in cinnamon sugar. They taste heavenly with the warm caramel dip but could be a bit too filling to finish the whole thing. The popsicle was delicious. I was imagining it to be a donut shaped chocolate flavoured popsicle only but it actually looks like a normal popsicle but embedded with donuts pieces inside. Absolutely divine and I am adding this to my to-make list!

Towards the end of the night, the restaurant completely becomes more like a bar environment where people hang out around the bar table, grab a few drinks and just mingle. It is definitely a "funky" place to hang out with friends and chit chat but definitely too loud for a date night. Not to mention, the restaurant doesn't take reservation and we waited for 45 minutes to get seated!

How was your experience like at La Carnita? Is it too cool for you?

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