Are You Addicted? {Candy Crush Birthday Cake}

April 22, 2013

Candy Crush Birthday Cake
{Candy Crush Birthday Cake}

I told myself that I'm going to retire from making cakes after the hectic process and stressful experience of attempting a 3D sailboat cake for a baby shower party (post to come). Then, 4 days just before my relaxation getaway trip to Cuba, someone asked me to make a chocolate birthday cake for his girlfriend who is addicted to playing the popular game Candy Crush. I thought it's a very cute idea to transfer a game idea onto a cake. I seem to get really excited to anything game inspired, it is just so much fun and allows more creativity (My first game inspired project was an edible Angry Bird Cake Topper). It was a great temptation because Candy Crush is so popular these days. So, after thinking for not too long, I already took my baking apron and started doing all the prep work again.

Pior to making this cake, I did a lot of research because I have never played this game in my life (even though all my friends are pretty much obsessed with playing it). I decided to make use of the Candy Crush logo and turned it into a Happy Birthday Whale message (Whale is the nickname of the gf).

Here is a very rough sketch of my cake planning process. I made my own fondant out of marshmallows and colour dyed them using Wilton's colour gels. I shaped individual pieces into the different forms of candies as seen in the game. I made my buttercream and applied my fondant on top. I used a knife to lightly score brick lines to resemble the game background and also made the cake board to match the theme.

For filling, I need to find a simple but stiff chocolate frosting recipe so that the cake will not fall apart or suffer from condensation. Thank goodness I found this recipe from Savoury Sweet Life. I only made minor adjustments and it was very easy to fill or crumb coat the cake. Not to mention it is also very yummy!
Candy Crush Cake Process

{Happy Birthday message as Candy Crush logo}

{Candy Crush candies}
{Hand painted with black food colouring gel}
In the end, this cake indeed was very fun to make and it turned out great because everyone loved it especially the girlfriend. Yet, it was still not enough temptation to make me start playing the game.

What do you think of my cake? Are you addicted to the game as well?

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Happy Candy Crushin'

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