{DIY} Angel Pork Bone Soup/Kam Ja Tang

November 16, 2008

{Handmade pork bone soup aka. kam ja tang with felt}
I handmade this pork bone soup for my good friend's birthday with a handmade plush character, Angel Pork. Pork bone soup is our favourite dish of all time. We used to eat it together every time she was still in Canada. However, she moved back to Hong Kong for good and has been missing this dish ever since. So I thought it would be a good idea to make her this Angel Pork Bone soup. It consists of Angel Pork, bones, "soup" base (actually its just the chinese word, "soup"), herbs, chopsticks and a bowl of rice...

The bowl is made out of felt with a cardboard inside to support the structure. The rice is made from cotton. Chopsticks made from popsicle stick and with a slit down the middle. Also made a chopstick wrap with printed greetings on it. I hope she liked it because I love pork bone soup as much as she does.

Now, I'm craving for some...

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