Party like Tomorrow Never Comes

April 20, 2009

{How much?}
My attempt of dressing up as a pimp for a Casino Royale theme party with everything found from my closet. A special thanks to my friend VC who bought this cigar as a souvenir from her trip in Cuba.
Note: I don't smoke. The photo above was photoshopped with smoke effect :)

Some behind the scene photos from the party:

The cigar and cigarette have become the key of this party. Both fake ones can be found in party shops or you can always buy the real one if you actually smoke.

{As you can see, I'm so into my character}

{Shooting range at the backyard with bb guns}

{Don't mess with me!}
{Someone passed me a walking stick and I started to dance}
{My outfit assembles}

Shorts (H&M)
Blouse (Hong Kong)
Vest (Urban Behaviour)
Sequins Bow (Party Shop)
Bracelet (Aldo)
Hat: (H&M)

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