Tropical Balloon Garland Arc Tutorial

July 22, 2020

Tropical Balloon Garland Arc Tutorial

I was planning for Justice's 100 days celebration with a "golden pineapple" theme and came across these extravagant balloon arcs on Pinterest. I'm sure you must have seen them on the web too. They are everywhere! They look beautiful as a backdrop for photos at parties. After making my own gender reveal party backdrop, I'm obsessed with creating my own party decor. I wanted my own balloon arc to match the party theme and colour scheme. And it was actually quite easy and cheap to do one yourself!

For this tutorial, you can find all the supplies and materials from your local dollar store. I snagged 3 packs of balloons in White, Yellow and Gold colour for a $1.25 each. Then, you'll need pipe cleaners, fish strings, some tape and green cardstocks.

Tropical Balloon Garland Arc Tutorial

Tropical Balloon Garland Arc Tutorial

Let's get started!


  • Balloons (white, yellow, gold)
  • Fish string
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Light green and green card stocks for the tropical leaves
  • Tape


  1. Blow all your balloons in varying sizes and arrange them in groups of 4s or 3s. 
  2. Secure the ends using pipe cleaners
  3. Attach the groups of balloons onto the string one by one.
  4. Download this template for the tropical leaves. Trace it onto green cardstocks or use your cutting machine to cut out the leaves.
  5. Attach the leaves in between the balloons with tape.
  6. Tape the garland up on a wall or tie it up onto a curtain rod or fence!

Note: You might want to have the smaller balloons to fill the gaps in between balloons.

Easy-Peasy right? 

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. Sorry for not supplying all the steps properly with photos. It was hard to juggle between taking care of an infant and crafting...(you know, #momlife) Check out more of my DIY tutorials here. If you do give this a try, please share your pics with me on Instagram: @tingandthings_ or use hashtag #diywithting! I would love to see them at your party! 

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Tropical Balloon Garland Arc Tutorial

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