Back in the Birthdays {High School Cosplay}

February 22, 2010

For birthday this year, I decided to go back in time to celebrate like when we were young. I like to convince and brainwash myself like that. So I wanted to do a party with everyone dressed up as students and enjoy some birthday fun at Dave and Buster's this year. Dave and Buster's is like Chuck and Cheese but for adults. They have dinner combos for an entree plus a $10 game play card. This is perfect and affordable for us as students.

For the student look, I decided to go with the stereotypical American student look. Think Britney Spears in her Baby Hit Me One More Time Music Video. Here is what I put together. A white ruffled dress shirt, unbuttoned, showing more of my neckline. Red pleaded mini skirt with a black lace-trimmed knee high socks. But the key item to complete this look is a pair of nerd glasses. But I didn't have a pair at the time so I took out the lens from a pair of 3D glasses. I'm all about improvisation!

These are the shoes I wore to match the look. They are a pair of oxford looking pumps

Here are some photos from the party.

{This picture reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter!}

My friend was rocking the coat of arm brooch I got for her a year ago, putting it to great use!

{The students in different uniforms. I guess we are not from the same school}

There are multiple ways to dress up as a student as demonstrated by us girls:
  1. For a traditional student look from Asia: a knitted sweater with dress shirt and pleaded kilt
  2. For a Japanese school girl look: a blazer with matching colour of your kilt and dark tights
  3. For a Western school girl look: a white dress shirt with a tie plus red plaid kilt and black knee high socks
  4. For a senior student look: A striped dress shirt with dark vest and a school brooch with dress pants
Which student look do you prefer?

My friends made me laugh with a Sailormoon gift bag to hold my birthday present. It was on theme!

I love this picture so much. It feels so gangsta. It looks a scene from a movie. I shall name it, 我同學係大佬

I love the horse racing game. I always win!

Thank you all for coming! I had a blast.

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