Back in the Birthdays {High School Cosplay}

February 22, 2010

For birthday this year, I wanted to go back in time to celebrate like when we were young. I thought it would be fun to party with everyone dressed up as high school students and enjoy a night of fun at Dave and Buster's. Dave and Buster's is like Chuck and Cheese for adults. They have dinner combos for an entree plus a $10 game play card. This is perfect for spending a night out on a budget for us "students".

For the student look, I went with the stereotypical American student look. Think Britney Spears in her Baby Hit Me One More Time Music Video. Here is what I put together: A white ruffled dress shirt, unbuttoned, showing more of my neckline. Red pleaded mini skirt with a black lace-trimmed knee high socks. To complete this look I accessorized with a pair of nerd glasses. But I didn't have a pair with me so I took out the lens from a pair of 3D glasses that I saved from a movie. I'm all about improvisation!

These were the shoes I wore to match the look, a pair of oxford looking pumps

Here are some photos from the party that night.

{This picture reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter!}

My friend was rocking the coat of arm brooch I got for her a year ago, putting it to great use!

{The students in different uniforms. I guess we are not from the same school}

There are multiple ways to dress up as a student as demonstrated by us girls:
  1. For a traditional student look from Asia: a knitted sweater with dress shirt and pleaded kilt
  2. For a Japanese school girl look: a blazer with matching colour of your kilt and dark tights
  3. For a Western school girl look: a white dress shirt with a tie plus red plaid kilt and black knee high socks
  4. For a senior student look: A striped dress shirt with dark vest and a school brooch with dress pants
Which student look do you prefer?

My friends made me laugh with a Sailormoon gift bag to hold my birthday present. It was on theme!

I love this picture so much. It feels so gangsta. It looks a scene from a movie. I shall name it, 我同學係大佬

I love the horse racing game. I always win!

It was a fun night. We all had a blast!

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