Playboy bunny V.S. The Queen of Hearts

October 31, 2010

Playboy bunny v.s. the queen of hearts

My version of playboy bunny for this year's Halloween. I got the bunny set (ears, tail and choker) at the party shop for a few bucks and again found whatever wardrobes that I can find from my closet to get the look.

DIY playboy bunny for halloween
{ Pink corset-like top, black shorts and a black laced knee high socks }

DIY playboy bunny for halloween
{ When bunny meets pussy cat }

I also dressed up as the Queen of Hearts (kind of) at another Halloween gathering party. I found a black Lolita laced top and matched with a red satin poofy skirt with a black and white stripe knee high socks. The fascinator and the little heart on my face also helps complete the look. After all, how can you not have any symbol of hearts if you are the Queen of them? I drew the heart with a red lipstick borrowed from my mom. (Yay for that!) And also found a cute wired heart pendant (it was actually a ring but it fell out of the band) so I hook it with a matching chain and wore it like a necklace.

DIY Queen of Hearts for Halloween
{ Queen of Hearts look }

For shoes, I didn't take a picture of them but I wore a red suede pumps with big black hearts on them. Very similar to the one from Vivienne Westwood. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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