{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover

April 29, 2011

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{Mad Men Makeover}

I know I have been blogging all about food and my South Beach Diet journey lately. Since my diet is limited, I have been hiding away at home.

I attended a Mad Men themed birthday party recently and thought that it was interesting. So I'd like to share how I put my outfit together in today's post.

To be honest, I haven't watched a single episode but I have heard good things about it. And I love dressing up to theme parties. I enjoy being a different person once in awhile. But this theme has proven to be a challenge for me. I mean how do I dress up for Mad Men when I don't know anything about it? I started doing research on Google and immediately I got a few ideas and look to undertake this dress up party.

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover

Thanks to Google, I know what are the key items to rock this look. First, I took a look at my closet to find the items I'd need. And I found these:

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{A form-fitted dress (Winners), satin gloves (H&M), caramel colour hand purse (Aldo)}

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{Poofy dress jacket (Forever 21)}

Most of the ladies in Mad Men wear a form-fitted dress, so it was perfect that I was able to find one from my closet. I bought this dress from Winners and never really had the chance to wear it. I also found a poofy jacket that I could use as an outer layer. The next thing I'd need to find is my accessories to go with the look. I needed a brooch, a long necklace and a pair of gold earrings. Gold is classic and popular in the Mad Men setting.

So I searched in my mom's jewelry box even though she doesn't own much jewelries. I was surprised that I actually found a few brooches to borrow.

These are the accessories that I had gathered:

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{Gold heart shaped pendent necklace (gift), gold pearl earrings (Zipia), my mom's brooch}
As for shoes, a pair of burgundy heels with straps could make my outfit pop.

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{Maroon pumps with straps from Hong Kong}
Now that I got all my outfit pieces together, the look wouldn't work without the hairdo! I had never tried doing a beehive hairdo before since it was not a style I'd wear normally. But now I got a reason to try it out! The trickiest part of this hairdo was how to make your hair at the crown of your head and stay in a bump shape. To help me, I went to the Dollarama and bought this:

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{Bumpits!  Only $2!}

Anyone who wanted to give this beehive hairdo a try, I'd recommend to go buy this bumpits at a dollar shop. It costs $10-20 in places like Wal-mart. It was a rip off. I was glad that Dollarama sells them too! Score! With everything I need, I finally achieved the look that I wanted.

{Outfit Challenge} A Mad Men Makeover
{In love with my beehive hairdo!}

I love the way my hair turned out! Hope there'd be another chance for me to do it again!

Behind the scenes:

Mad Men Themed Party

I hope you like the look! Let me know your thoughts!

{Outfit Challenge}

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  1. This is fabulous, I love it! I have never seen an episode of Mad Men either, though. ;)

  2. aww..thank you for your comment! I actually want to start watching it after the party~

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  4. Thank you so much! But I am no expert, just trying to have some fun :)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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