A Trip to Buffalo {The Cheesecake Factory}

May 16, 2011

{I'm such a tourist}
Had a very spontaneous trip to Buffalo recently with two of my friends. I haven't visited Buffalo ever since elementary and that was with my parents  ages ago! I always think that there are so many places I should visit instead than going back to the states because I've already been to most of them. But of course, it's a different experience when you are not with your parents. When my friend suggested going to Buffalo, the first time that came to my mind is The Cheesecake Factory that a lot of my friends recommended. I am a sucker at desserts and I am a cheesecake lover. It has been on my to-try list for awhile and finally I have a chance to visit! I know usually people go to Buffalo to shop at the Outlet malls but I don't have anything in particular to buy there so if I'm not able to purchase anything in Buffalo, I am fine as long as I get to try the Cheesecake Factory. That's my goal and mission of the day.

We arrived at around 5 pm, thinking we could avoid the peak hours and have a late lunch or early dinner but we were wrong! The line up was crazy! We had to come back in an hour for the seats! So we did some more shopping along our starving stomach and got back waiting in line for additional 30 minutes or so to finally claim our seats. People literally lined up and sat along the restaurant inside the mall on the ground to wait for their seats. It was unbelievable! We ordered few dishes to share and of course, most importantly a cheesecake for dessert. There are too many flavours to choose from, I couldn't decide on which one to try. But I ended up picking the Tiramisu cheesecake and it was great. Although, I think the tiramisu taste is not as strong as I want it to be but the texture is silky smooth. It is almost as if it melts right away as soon as you put it into your mouth. At this point, my diet plan has been temporarily out of my mind.

{ Chop Steak aka. ground beef in steak form }

{ Cajun Jambalaya Pasta }

{ Tiramisu cheesecake! }

{ Ahh~ my life is complete! }

In terms of the actual food in the restaurant, I won't consider them to be impeccably delicious but for the price you pay for, it is more than decent. And the portion is huge too! It is definitely well worth the price, especially the cheesecakes are decently priced as well (the line up for the cheesecake takeout is also long by the way). It's really too bad that we don't have one in Toronto but I'll come back for sure to try other cheesecake flavours.

In the end, I actually spent almost $400 USD in just one day at Buffalo. I guess it's good that I don't come here often.

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