Fell in Love with Marc Jacobs

August 24, 2012

marc jacobs blade in gold watch
{ Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade in Gold }

marc jacobs blade in gold watch

marc jacobs blade in gold watch

Ever since I developed a fetish towards gold accessories, I've been wanting a gold watch. I felt that something is missing from my outfits. And I feel devastated to not being able to find the perfect watch to compliment my outfits. I have been eyeing the gold watch by Michael Kors for so long that every time I go to their retail stores, I'd try it on. Some sales thought the rose gold colour looks better on my me and tried to convince me that it's the "new trend". But I'm all set for gold and cannot settle for anything else (I sound like I'm in the Olympics). It's not that I don't enjoy the rose gold but I think the hue blends in with my skin tone (my skin has a pink undertone). So it doesn't pop as much as the gold colour to give a fashion statement. Yet, the gold colour from MK seems too fake to me or at least on me. The chronograph seems old-school in my opinion. So I've concluded that it's not the "perfect" watch.

Until, I went to New York, I found "the" watch. I could hear the bells from heaven when I first saw it in the counter of Bloomingdales. I immediately knew I've found the watch of my dreams. It was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade in Gold. A love at first sight. There's something about Marc Jacobs design that makes everything so timeless and versatile. If you read my previous post on my Birthday spending spree day trip, you'd know that I already had a bag dilemma between Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. And Marc Jacobs won, for the same reason. The watch feels so much sturdier and long lasting. The etched logo on the top ring is what makes the watch different than all others of the same kind. Not to mention, I just adore the little gold stones embedded onto the dial. Those are the small details I much appreciated from this brand.

I love my watch. I love Marc Jacobs.

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