{Outfit of the Day} The Fancy Green Onions

November 28, 2012

{Outfit of the Day} The Fancy Green Onions
{ Nothing brandname including these magical green pants }
Doesn't the title sounds like some kind of superheros? I wore this outfit to work one day and as I was checking myself out in the mirror, I realized my outfit combination resembles a giant stem of green onions. I don't even like green onions in my food. So, I have no idea what inspired me to put together this look.

The pants, are the key to this green onions look. And the first pair of green pants that I ever purchased. I must share this story of these pants because when I purchased them in Hong Kong during my recent China trip, they didn't fit. Fitting was unavailable to sales items in some boutiques there. It was dirt cheap, costed me less than $10 Canadian. Few months later, I tried them on again and they magically fit! Woah! It was unbelievable because these pants were not even stretchy. That must have meant that I've lost weight from climbing the Great Wall of China. LOL

{ Outfit Overview }

White knitted drape cardigan from Taiwan, similar here

Green skinny pants from Hong Kong, similar here in jeans

Giraffe print faux fur heels from Hong Kong, similar here - it's very rare to find a pair in giraffe prints

Grey tank top from Forever 21, similar here - $3 fabulous find!

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