{Outfit of the Day} Oreo Cookie with Strawberry Cream Filling

November 27, 2012

{Outfit of the Day} Oreo Cookie with Strawberry Cream Filling

No, I wasn't crazy when I came up with the blog title. You read it correctly. One of my followers mentioned to me that I posted way too much food pictures than actual pictures of myself. So I thought it'd be nice if I could achieve some kind of balance between the two. After all, "man alone does not live or just think about food" - yes, indeed, I also think about my clothes and shoes, and how they go together with food! heehee.

So I started to gather pictures of myself and what I’m wearing on Instagram, and seems like I am still subconsciously relating my outfits with some kind of food...Ha! I'm helpless.

This is what I wore the other day, I'd like to think that this is an Oreo cookie with strawberry cream filling kind of outfit. I made that up, but wouldn't it be nice if Oreo actually has this kind of flavour in the market? like those ones from strawberry Pocky...that would be yummy.

{ Outfit Overview }

Light coral dress with black collar, from Maple, similar here - I dropped the fabric belt that comes with the dress and matched it with a gold trimmed belt, same one here.

Black double straps patent heels, from Hong Kong, similar here - Mine are with gold buckles 

Black short length cardigan with gold trim from H&M, similar here.

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