My Bowl of Ramen {Sansotei}

April 17, 2013

I finally made it to Sansotei Ramen one Saturday afternoon for lunch. I made a few attempts to visit this well praised restaurant but all times were unsuccessful. Either the noodles were sold out or it was closed because it was a Sunday.

I'm glad there was no line ups when I was there with my friend a month ago. The hype probably died down a bit or perhaps the crowd normally don't crave for ramen in the afternoon. The restaurant is located downtown, a small urban decor of casual wood furnitures. We were lucky to get seated right away. Their menu is very simple. I always have the perception of thinking that if the menu is short listed, it means that the restaurant is specialized on those dishes.

I ordered their signature Tonkotsu Ramen. There are different kind of noodles to choose from, if you have a particular preference you can choose from thin or thick ones. I just went for their Sansotei original. My bowl of ramen didn't take long to arrive. I immediately dived in after taken a quick snaps from my camera. I couldn't resist from the aroma of the rich pork broth already.

The egg noodles are spongy and just the right texture. The soup base is fantastic, rich in flavour yet not too salty and full of MSG after taste. I hate it when you get that thirsty feeling after sipping spoonful of soup with the noodles.

The chashu are very tasty and perfectly roasted. Although, I find the ones from Kinton are much fattier and more tender (see post here) .

{Pan Fried Gyoza}
After so many ramen places I've tried, I can finally jump to conclusion that I've found my favourite bowl of ramen in Toronto (comparing with Kinton, Kenzo, Santouka, Ippai, Osaka, Niwatei, Ajisen, Nagoya, Syogun and probably other places that I might have forgotten because they are just not worth remembering). I know everyone has different expectations and taste but for me, Sansotei is my bowl of ramen and I cannot wait to go back for more!

Which ramen restaurant is your pick? Happy Eating!

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