{DIY} Despicable Me Minion Iphone Cozy

July 08, 2013

Have you watched Despicable Me 2 yet? There has been a massive promotional activities for this movie since the beginning of summer. I see these cute little minions everywhere I go. And some of my friends even started a minion toy hunt to every Mcdonald's to collect the entire collection.

{DIY} Despicable Me Minion Iphone Cozy
{Spotted at Shops at Don Mills}

I love the minions, and who doesn't? So I was inspired to make an iphone case out of felt. This was an experiment I did a while ago when the first Despicable Me came out (as you can see I was still using my iPhone 3GS back then). I was still trying to figure out which material works the best for this project. I didn't want to make an iphone pouch, I wanted to make a case the protects my iphone from scratching while I'm using it. I added a slot for the charging cable and a hole for the speaker. It turned out okay but I think felt probably isn't the best material to use. And of course, my ringtone is now the infamous Banana song!

{DIY} Despicable Me Minion Iphone Cozy
{DIY} Despicable Me Minion Iphone Cozy

Feel free to follow my template or make your own.

Note: Adjust your phone size and screen size accordingly.

Iphone (3GS) Size: 2.4" x 4.5"
Screen size: 2"x 3.25"

Have fun with Banana-na!

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