For the Love of Food {TO Food Fest}

July 21, 2013

When I first learned that the TO Food Fest is back for their second year, I immediately scheduled ahead for a break from my diet plan to prepare a full day of indulgence. The event featured over 40 aspiring chefs and vendors of local hidden gems and top reviewed restaurants in Toronto. Then, I learned from the Weather Network that a thunderstorm was expected to arrive. My heart dropped. But of course, a mere thunderstorm was not enough to stop me from getting food spoiled. Luckily, the Weather Network was wrong again. The day was bright, sunny and extremely hot, a great weather for a gluttonous adventure. 

The TO Food Fest was located in Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, a convenient and rational spot for a multicultural food experience for uptowners. And the fact that the event was part outdoor and part indoor, made it flexible for people to chill after a long exposure under the sun. 

Here's a brief summary of what I have indulged including some of my favourites of the day.

{ Caribbean Spring rolls by Mashi Catering - crispy on the outside, tasteful and tender on the inside, their mojito lemonade is very refreshing too. It was unfortunate that their booth was somewhat hidden by the line ups of the other booths and their presentation was not as appealing but they are definitely a hidden gem}
{Steak 'n Bacon wich: marinated steak topped with crispy pork belly by Bricks & Mortar }
{Sisig Fries with pig's ear and pork belly by Kanto - a little bit disappointed with the lack of meat and flavour}

{ Korean Short ribs & pulled brisket rice balls by Menu Food Truck - busiest food stand of the day, they were sold out by 3pm}

{ Fish tacos topped with signature Baja sauce, pickled cucumbers and onions by Baha Tacos}

{ Spotted the Taco man of Baha Tacos}

{ Pineapple Baaus with grilled pork belly and taco fries by Grub - my favourite of the day! mouth watering combination with actual grilled pineapples inside too}

{ Cola bomb dessert by Gusta Sugar Art - interesting and creative mix of strawberry foam, dried caramel, pineapple gel and chocolate dust but did not really feel the "bomb"}
{Baron from Gusta, demonstrating the steps to create his cola bomb}

{ Chickpea sliders and duck confit wontons by Urban Acorn}
{ Indonesian street food including Babi on a bun, Corn & shrimp fritters with garlic chilli sauce by Babi and Co}

{ Moroccan Mini Pizzas by Little Tomato Catering}

{Teriyaki Pork Skewer by Gushi}

{Indonesian Rendang Puff and Otak Otak by Kecapi Simfonia Rasa}

{Authentic Mexican Churros by Pancho's Bakery}

I can't believe this was only the second year for TO Food Fest because the overall food quality at the event was much higher than other food events I've been to in the city. I definitely hope that they will continue this culinary festival every year. It's a must go for all foodies out there.

Happy eating!

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