{Outfit of the day} Polka Dots x Sweet Hearts

April 09, 2014

Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin shoulder bag

I picked up this polka dot top during my recent visit to Hong Kong (see post here). It is a cute top made in Korea. The top comes in a sweet heart neckline with a sheer mesh for added appeal. I like to pair a loose top with a fitted skirt for a contrast look. It seems like the Korean fashion trends is the latest influence in Hong Kong. I keep hearing words that emphasize clothes that were either imported from or made in Korea. Whether my top was actually from Korea or not, I like to mix and match with styles and brands across the globe. After all, I'm living in a multicultural city, right? I paired this outfit with Betsey Johnson suede heels. They coincidentally also got a sweetheart theme going on.

{Outfit of the day} Polkadots and Sheer

Polkadot and Sheer Sweet Heart Peplum top from Korea

Betsey Johnson Tease Blue Suede Shoes

{Outfit Overview}

Polka dot sheer peplum top (Boooo)

Betsey Johnson Tease Blue Suede Shoes

Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin bag (similar here)

Cobalt skirt (H&M, old)

Anna Sui inspired rose ring

Chain necklace (old)

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