Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

April 05, 2014

Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

April is finally here. I can almost smell the wedding seasons getting near. So I want to share this wedding cake gift box tutorial with anyone who might be looking for some DIY ideas. This is a gift that I made for my friend a long time ago. It was meant to be a gift box at her wedding reception and a jewelry box to keep after getting married. The tier part of the cake acts as the lid. The tag on the cake is reversible with one side that says the name of the couple and the other side, "happily ever after". The materials are also very simple and can easily be found at home or craft stores. It is a low cost wedding cake that you can actually keep forever.

Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}


Circle gift box
White yarn
White felt or other material you wish for the cake
Assorted coloured felts
Needle and threads
Coloured thread that matches the felt colours
Pink ribbon
Small piece of tulle
Glue gun and white glue
Hole puncher 
White string
White paint or primer
Cotton stuffing


Cake base

  1. Coat your box and lid with primer or white paint and trace the shape of the lid on felt after it is dry
  2. Measure the diameter of the box (this will be your bottom tier) and determine your 2nd and top tier diameter (ie. 2", 4", 6" etc.)
  3. Draw the circles with these dimensions on a piece of cardboard and cut them out.
  4. Cut a long strip of cardboard that can follow around the circle cardboards. The height of these strips should not be taller than the bottom tier (the box). Make 2nd and top tier and adhere with glue
  5. Adhere the white felt on all the tiers with glue
  6. With a piece of yarn, drape around the tiers in a scallop form and secure in place with glue gun
  7. Glue pearls around with glue gun
  8. Adhere all the tiers on top of each other by glue gun, keeping everything center
Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

Cake decorations

  1. Cut out a scallopped strip out of pink and rose felts as shown on picture (the more the scallops the bigger the roses) Use 3 scallops for smaller roses
  2. Cut out leaves from green felt, glue at the bottom of the roses 
Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

Cake Topper

  1. Using beige felt, cut out 4 ovals (these will be the topper)
  2. Stitch around 2 pieces, leaving an opening to insert cotton stuffing, then stitch close opening 
  3. Glue tiny black pom poms as eyes onto the ovals 
  4. With black felt, cut out a small strip and wrap around into cylinder form, stitch/glue another small strip of black felt and glue onto oval (this will be the groom's hat) 
  5. Glue a small piece of tulle onto the other oval (this will be the bride's veil) 
Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

Reversible Heart Tag

  1. Cut 2 pieces of heart from blue felt
  2. Cut a slightly larger piece from brown felt 
  3. Stitch names or greetings using thread onto the blue felts
  4. Glue the blue hearts onto the brown heart (make sure the words face up) 
  5. Punch a small hole with a hole puncher 
  6. Attach a string that can wrap around the top tier and secure with a knot

Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}
And that's it! This tutorial is more of a reference guide for you to develop your very own. I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Happy wedding DIY!

Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}
Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

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