Sway to the Rhythm of Love {My Wedding Flashback}

October 30, 2016

Wedding Photo

I can't believe the day has already come and I'm already somebody's wife! Looking back at the wedding, I feel that we've accomplished a lot. It was the biggest project I've ever done in my life. Wedding is a lot of work! Especially for someone like me, who likes to do everything herself, like the invitations, reception decor, car decor, centerpieces, wedding favours, and games. At one point, I even thought of making my own wedding cake. Luckily, I have some very rational friends who stopped me, otherwise it would be extra stress for myself and my better half. And the advices that all the married couple gave me about weddings are so true, nothing's gonna be perfect, and ours wasn't either. But, I'm happy to hear that my guests had a wonderful time, at least we get to party until the venue kicked us out.

Here's a highlight video of our big day. Many thanks to Norris Wong and crew for keeping their professionalism and cool throughout this hectic day. Enjoy the video!

{Everything about my wedding}

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