{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

October 22, 2016

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

What do you wear for an engagement shoot? This is a fairly common question from those around me after booking a date for the photoshoot. Whether you are turning your engagement photos into personalized invitations or you are planning to print them out for display, your might be wondering what is the most appropriate attire that reflects both of you. After going through the process myself, I can share a few tips that could help you and your partner pick the perfect outfits together.

Complement each other

If you're not the type who likes to show your public affection in matchy-matchy outfits, for example like these. It might be easier to just coordinate a certain element from the wardrobe to match instead. It could be a colour from his bow tie to match with your shoes or his shoelaces with your lipstick. Those little details could make your photos more interesting and personalized.

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

Think about your background

If you are going to be shooting in a busy surroundings, like in the city or a small town, then wearing outfits with complex patterns and prints would be too much. Opt for solid colours to help you stand out from the background. If shooting in a carnival or playground, you could wear bright colours to play off the colourful environment. In an urban setting, bold hues could add more contrast to your photos. In a scenic environment like at a park or a beach, colours that are soft and light would be the safest bet. For girls, a white one-piece is a go-to. Guys could complement by wearing something light such as beige pants or a light blouse.

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

Think about the "look and feel"

Do you want your photos to feel soft and romantic? or do you want to look edgy? For a dreamy look, wear something flowy like a long maxi dress, so your photographer could capture the movement of the dress in the shots. For a lay back, casual look, I would recommend jeans, shorts, sandals or sneakers.

Plan your activities and movements ahead

If you plan to ride a horse or ride on a motorcycle together then putting on your mini skirt might not be the best idea. You'd want to go with shorts or long pants with boots instead for more comfort. If your fiance is planning to lift you up at the beach, then wearing a dress could make your pictures look dreamy and carefree. Always plan your activities ahead so you could avoid surprises. WS ended up ruining his shoes at the shoot because we did not think we would be walking on rocks for a shot. Lesson learned.

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot
Our first date was at CNE, which included games, rides and food! So we wanted our engagement shoot to incorporate that.
{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

Prepare your props

Each photo tells a story. What kind of story do you want to tell? Do so with the help of your props! Do you want to remind people of your big day? Then, make a sign with your date on it. Do you have a sweet cheeky dialogue to say to each other? Make a speech bubble sign and say it with your pictures! Do you always enjoy a good picnic together at a park? Then, bring your blanket, basket and couple of drinks and sandwiches. Are you two the romantic type? Then, bring a bunch of fresh peonies or roses to add to the romance. The sky is the limit.

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

Reflect your lifestyle and personalities

Are you both the outgoing type who enjoy a good laugh and outdoor activities? Or do you both enjoy the intimate, quality winding down time together? If you're not the classy type, then dressing proper in blazer and dress pants for your engagement shoots could make you feel uncomfortable and like a completely different person. I always feel that engagement photos should reflect the special chemistry that you have with your partner. It's not a time to be a person that you are not and do the things that both of you wouldn't normally do together. WS and I both enjoy good eats and outdoor activities. So, our engagement shoot incorporated just that.

{Outfit Challenge} What to wear for Engagement Photo Shoot

Be yourself and enjoy

After all, engagement shoots should be fun and enjoyable. Don't over think it and stress over your outfits and actions. Your photographer would be able to give you directions and recommendations so that both of you would look your best and natural in your photos.

Have fun!

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  1. Great tips and these shots are beautiful! xx


  2. Thanks for the tips! And your pictures turned out beautiful. :)

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