#SueFestive Holidays + A Year in Review

December 29, 2017

Hope y'all are enjoying your holidays so far!

The hubs and I hosted our first holiday dinner at our house with both of our families this year. And we had a little bit of drama in the house... with our turkey that is. Apparently, our oven wasn't even turned on when it said it had preheated to 350 degrees... and we "baked" our turkey in the oven for 2 hours of cold air. Insert face palm emoji here. We both had a panic attack since we told our families to arrive early. Luckily, we started cooking early and our turkey was only 8 lbs. So, after spending another 2 hours, our bird was done. Despite that hiccup, we still managed to pull off a great feast with our loved ones in time. Whew!

#SueFestive Holidays - Christmas Couple Outfit

#SueFestive Holidays + A Year in Review - Ting and Things

Christmas Dinner - Ting and Things

Christmas Dinner - Ting and Things
More dishes not shown in picture. Our table isn't big enough to display all the dishes :( And btw, we killed 5 dozen oysters in one sitting.

Starting in the New Year, I have a lot of exciting news and projects that I can't wait to share with you all! Thanks for being a great supporter for my blog. I've enjoyed reading all of your comments and emails. Here's a recap of my blog posts and my most popular Instagram posts from this year.

A Year in Review:


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  3. Things We Learned From Our Winter Getaway in Banff, Alberta at -20 Degrees
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All the best to the coming year ahead of you!
Have a happy New Year!

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