{Outfit of the Day} Off-Shoulder Floral Top at Rouge Beach Park

June 14, 2017

{Outfit of the Day} Off-Shoulder Floral Top at Rouge Beach Park

{Outfit of the Day} Off-Shoulder Floral Top at Rouge Beach Park

We finally had some fabulous sunshine over the weekend in Toronto! I was tired of all those thunderstorms and rains that we kept getting the past couple weeks. Because we couldn’t enjoy anything outdoor! So, when Will and I saw that the sun continued on Sunday, we decided to hit the beach.

Since it was a spontaneous last-minute road trip, I didn't have time to prepare us some food for a nice beach picnic. Instead of heading downtown to the Beaches, Will decided to bring me to Rouge Beach Park. It was only a rough 20-minute drive from where we live. We arrived in the afternoon and the parking lot was already full. I guess a lot of people were thinking of the same thing.

After we parked our car, we came across this walking path that was completely flooded with water. The water level was about a feet high across the road! I was a bit rattled the fact that we had to walk across in water. But seeing that that was the only way to get to the beach, we took off our shoes and plunged bare footed like everybody else. It wasn’t the greatest feeling to walk without shoes on the street and all soggy mess. But at least the water was refreshing and cool for my feet.

The beach wasn’t the greatest or biggest in Ontario or even Toronto. There were a lot twigs and scraps in the sand (one of my pet peeves). In my mind, I was reminiscing my time at Sand Banks. But, the boundless horizon view of Lake Ontario and the refreshing ocean breezes suggested that there was really nothing for us to complain about. We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on our mats and soaking up the sun. What supposed to be a relaxing day out became quite an interesting adventure I must say. I mean, why do you want to kick sand on the beach when you can kick water on the street?

{Outfit Overview}
Floral top (Zara)
Denim shorts (Forever 21) Also worn as part of my Blue Jays outfit here
Sandals (Victor)
Sunnies (Taiwan)
Favourite beach bag not in picture (Samantha Thavasa) Also seen here

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