Fashion Gifts That Guys Really Want

November 11, 2019

Fashion Gifts That Guys Really Want

It’s no secret that men can often be difficult to buy for. They tend to have simpler tastes and less desire for material things. This can be tricky when it comes to a gift giving occasion. Something that looks great while being practical is ideal. Here are some gift ideas that most men will use, especially for your male fashionistas!

A tie

Most guys wear ties at some time or another, whether it’s daily for work or just for special occasions. Having a few nice ones that they can rotate is useful and if you know your guy would have use for one then this makes a nice gift. You could go with an expensive designer one as a main present, or a less expensive one towards a main gift or just a stocking filler. If they’re a little more quirky go with a bow tie, this article from Wardrobe Hackers explains how to tie one.

A wallet

Wallets get a lot of daily use, and so do wear out after a while. If the guy you’re buying for hs had his for far too long then a new one could make a great gift. If you’re unsure of their style, a plain black designer wallet with a simple logo is an easy choice and would suit just about everyone. If you know more about their tastes then you could go with something a bit more unique.

A watch

Watches are both stylish and practical. Whether it’s a smart watch, a watch for every day or an elegant dress watch, it’s something most people would love to find under the tree at Christmas. A nice watch will cost a bit more so it’s perfect if you’re after a main gift and are looking to spend a little more on the guy in your life,

A belt

Another practical yet stylish item, a nice leather belt is perfect to wear with a suit or just jeans. Again, since belts are used often they do wear out, and so even if the guy you’re buying for owns a belt, chances are an upgrade would be appreciated. It’s easy to get right when it comes to styling, unlike say clothes which are much harder.


Buying sunglasses for someone else can be tricky and isnt always a good route to go down. This is because it really depends on the persons face shape and features as to what will suit them, you can’t always guess from looking at sunglasses in a shop. However, if you have a similar pair of their sunglasses that you know they love but need upgrading then you have this to go off. If your guy only ever wears simple aviators for example, chances are a similar pair will be easy to find- just make sure you’re going for the same size.

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  1. I always have a hard time shopping for my husband. Thanks so much for the ideas

  2. My husband could definitely use some new sunglasses. Thanks for the idea!

  3. What a great list of gifts for the guy in your life! If they are into belt buckets buying a custom one might be a nice addition to a new belt.

  4. As a guy these are great!

  5. It is so hard to give them gifts. I always give my husband perfumes. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. hahaha are you sure they want it? What if they have tones of it already?

    1. Put things into perspective, I’m a fashion girl and I’d never complain about having too many shoes or purses ;)

  7. Really cool list. I would love myself a new watch right now.

  8. Our wedding anniversary is near and thanks for giving me ideas to buy gift for him.

  9. Thanks for these ideas...I never know what to get my husband. I usually always end up getting him something corny.

  10. Any men would love any of these gift suggestions. They are not only useful but elegant as well, and statement pieces that all men should have in their wardrobe.


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