3 Perfect Destinations For Sun, Sightseeing, And Everything In-Between

October 27, 2019

Going on holiday means something different to every person. Some people are looking for a relaxing trip to a beach and an all-inclusive resort; an escape to somewhere warm in the sun for an opportunity to get a tan. Other people are looking for a time to sightsee and experience new places whilst learning about different cultures. Of course, some people might be looking for the best of both worlds. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with sightseeing opportunities, here are 3 best destinations to visit.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal is a beautiful city to visit if you’re looking for a sightseeing experience coupled with stunning views. The idyllic city of Lisbon is a spectacular place. You can start by exploring its aesthetically-impressive winding streets in one of the city’s iconic yellow trams. This will give you a real feel for everything that Lisbon has to offer. You’ll find colourful street art painted onto the side of buildings, and that really gives the city a lively and exciting vibe. There are plenty of ancient and historically significant buildings in Lisbon, too. Take some time to visit the Jeronimos Monastery if you’re interested in seeing an architectural masterpiece that took a century to build. The capital of Portugal has both an intriguing modern and ancient side. It takes great pride in its history, but the city isn’t afraid to move forward with the times.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

You can also consider a trip to the utterly incredible Galapagos Islands if you want a holiday to remember. Part of the Republic of Ecuador, these magnificent islands are beautiful havens that you simply have to see for yourself. You might want to do some research on how to tour Galapagos. The islands can either be toured on land or by boat, but it’s all about choosing the option which best suits you and your goals for the trip. A trip to these islands wouldn’t just be a beach holiday; it would be an opportunity to witness new types of wildlife and a precious ecosystem. Make sure you explore all of the islands if you want a true experience of this beautiful archipelago.

San Francisco, U.S

Last but not list on this list is San Francisco. A beautiful little city on the west coast of California, San Fran is one of the most exciting destinations in the entire state. It might not be as big as Los Angeles, and it might have a slightly more relaxed vibe, but that works in the city’s favour. Quaint cable cars serve as a fun and culturally significant form of transport in the city; you can use them to get around San Francisco at some point during your stay. Make sure you visit Alcatraz Island. Its history as a military position of defence and prison will intrigue you, but it’s also a beautiful place. The island is now full of vibrant and colourful gardens. It even has its own ecosystem. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a trip to San Fran if you didn’t see the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, too.

What's on your list for a perfect destination to travel?

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  1. Lisbon is absolutely delightful, but it's also become a cruise-port destination, which means that on certain days it can be extremely overrun. Personally, I prefer Porto or Faro to Lisbon. The Galapagos sounds like a dream to me!! Though part of me just wants to leave the pretty animals in peace. I simply LOVED SanFran and would go back tomorrow!! I spent Halloween there ages ago and hold such fun memories. For autumn... I think the national parks in California are just amazing to visit, and New England of course!! In Europe... I think southern Spain would be my to go place... I am dreaming of Sevilla ;-) Thank you for your inspiration, food for thought!!

  2. The Alps! Its been my dream!

  3. Adore Portugal, many happy memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The Galapagos would be so fun to go too! See all the amazing wild life and islands. It's probably not in the near future but hopefully one day! =)


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