Round Up of My Favourite DIY Halloween Costumes

October 07, 2019

I can't believe summer is already over and October arrives in a blink of an eye. While I was putting away my tank tops in exchange for my fall sweaters, I also dug out some of the outfits that I wore for Halloween in the past. They gave me so many fun memories. So today, I wanted to share some of my favourite Halloween moments with you along with the tutorials for making these costumes! These costumes are easy to put together, especially when you don't have a lot of time.

Mad Men Halloween Costume Tutorial

I actually didn't really dress up as a character from Mad Men for Halloween, it was actually for a friend's birthday themed party. But I absolutely love what I put together and just had to share it with you. Do you have vintage pieces that are sitting around the house? If you do, then you could easily pull this off. A simple and low-budget costume that's also great for work and as a group.

Check out my Mad Men Costume Tutorial here

Sushi Halloween Costume Tutorial

My Favourite DIY Halloween Costumes - DIY Sushi Costume

If you like to be cute for Halloween (which is what I usually go for), sushi costume is a perfect choice. I made this costume to wear for work one year and everyone loved it! I even got voted for the best costume that year! The piece of shrimp sashimi was sewn from a piece of orange and white fabric. To go with the look, I referenced the sushi condiments and made a hairpiece out of felt. This costume can easily be done in other fish sashimi, which makes it a group sushi platter costume! Read more on my tutorial where I showed you step-by-step on how to make this costume for Halloween.

Check out my Sushi Costume Tutorial here

Spice Girls Group Halloween Costume Tutorial

My Favourite DIY Halloween Costumes - DIY Spice GIrls Group Costume

If you're looking for a group costume this Halloween, this is definitely a fun one to do with your gang! My group got pretty creative with thinking up the spice names for each of us. If you look closely, they're also culturally appropriate! This is a great group costume idea to add some humour to the Halloween festivity. In my tutorial, I'll show you how to assemble the costumes for your group. I also offered a free template for you to download in which you can print at home.

Check out my Spice Girls Group Costume Tutorial here

White Rabbit From Alice in Wonderland Costume Tutorial 

I decided on this White Rabbit costume at the last minute for Halloween one year which was quite fitting for this character from Alice in Wonderland. The entire ensemble was from pieces that I already have in my wardrobes. All I did extra was the pocket watch that I made out of cardboard and a chain. You'd be surprised just how easy to put together this costume. Hence this is why this is one of my favourites. It was effortless.

Check out my White Rabbit Costume Tutorial here

Bullet Bill Halloween Costume Tutorial

Not a lot of people are aware of the side characters in Super Mario Brothers. But Bullet Bill always has a place in my heart. And it's super easy to replicate! The most important element for this costume is the hat! In my tutorial, I showed you how you can also create one yourself!

Check out my Bullet Bill Costume Tutorial here

What's your favourite costume?

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  1. I love, love, love the Sushi costume!!! Thank you!

  2. These are so great! Easy to do yet totally cool! I love the sushi one!

  3. This are really great and the ease of making them makes it even much incredible

  4. I could definitely show up dressed as a sushi for this Halloween's party! I love that it is so simple to make and that it has quite an impact.

  5. The White Rabbit From Alice in Wonderland Costume and Mad Men Costumes look more reasonable to e=me. I really don't enjoy really spooky costumes that would make me look too funny.Ha-ha. I would still love to still look good.

  6. I love the sushi costume. It's super cute and it's salmon too, my favorite. I am not big on Halloween, even in my youth. I am not creative enough, I think, or I just hung around people who didn't celebrate Halloween with costumes.

  7. I would love to dress up a sushi, I think I would be super cute!

  8. I like the sushi costume! You look really cute in it! I did a few DIY costumes in the past, my favorite would be the Katana from Suicide Squard and one of the characters in a video game, PUBG. :D

  9. Love all of these costume for Halloween this are all great ideas awesome photos!

  10. I would love to dress up as Trump.. :) Gotta give the kids a good scare.

  11. These are fun! My favorite is the rabbit!

  12. i love the SPICE GIRLS group costumes ! so creative

  13. Bullet Bill? Is that from Mario? I don't know if I like that costume more or the sushi! They are both great!

  14. Bullet Bill? Is that from Mario? I don't know if I like that costume more or the sushi! They are both great!


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