Things to Know about Moissanites – The New Diamonds

October 27, 2020

Things to Know about Moissanites – The New Diamonds

According to beliefs, diamonds are forever, as they have been in use since the 4th century BC and valued for their sturdiness and brilliance. It is not uncommon for potential newlyweds to procure engagement rings and wedding rings made from this precious stone as a symbol of love. Despite the all sunshine-and-rainbow story surrounding this gemstone, there is a shroud of darkness surrounding its history – and this has nothing to do with the absence of light. Diamonds have been a focal point for civil unrest, civil rights abuse, and incessant bloodsheds in their countries of origin.

Alternatives to Diamonds

Blood diamonds have less reputation in the world of jewellery, as they stem from innocent people’s sweat and blood. As a result, most people resort to using moissanite. Founded in 1893 at a meteorite crater in Arizona, this rare mineral bears similarities to diamonds. They have seemingly equal radiance and clarity. In the early 90s, it became possible for lab experts to convert the mineral constituents to precious stones. In other words, lab-grown moissanite became a thing.

Individuals who hold high ethical values prefer moissanite gemstones to their counterparts, as they have no grisly records. Additionally, they produce the same appearance, or even more, without the need to break a bank. If you are on a budget but still want to get a valuable piece of jewellery (a wedding ring), then an affordable moissanite engagement ring your best bet.

Getting the Best out of Your Moissanite Ring

It is essential to shape and design your moissanite stone based on the stone’s quality and ring band to get the best appearance and texture. A gold-coloured-band in various shades enhances the gemstone’s beauty; this can range from yellow gold to white gold. Round moissanite bears the closest similarity to a real diamond and even give more fiery spectral colours. Each carat weight for both gemstones have the same measurements; hence, you can mistake one for the other.

Moissanite measurements are in carats and millimetres. This classification implies that a gemstone of this category with a diameter of 8mm equates to a two-carat diamond. However, one thing you will notice is that the moissanite stone disperses more radiance than diamond. As a result, you will be the centre of attraction in any gathering.

So, What Would It Be?

Moissanite rings come in various sizes. Hence, there is always a wedding or engagement ring for you and your beloved spouse. You can easily afford a small moissanite stone with a top-quality metal band. All you need is the right engraved setting and voila! You’ll be rocking your gemstone in no time. It refracts more spectrums of light than the typical diamond stone, making it an ideal alternative for those who love to make a statement with their accessories. Besides, you do not have to worry about purchasing a blood diamond, as moissanite stones are lab-grown. Its affordability is something you cannot overlook, as it provides the right value for your money, whether you are proposing to your significant other or planning a wedding. You moissanite ring will leave heads turning in your direction.

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