Easy Ways to Keep on Top of Your Bathroom Cleaning

August 22, 2021

Easy ways to keep on top of your bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is one of those rooms that always seem to get dirty again just as soon as you have finished cleaning it. Rather than let it get grimy and then sweep in and give it all a clean, it can be better to just do a little bit here and there. Here are some of the easiest ways for you to stay on top of your bathroom cleaning.

Have Everything Ready in the Bathroom

Try to ensure that you have all the cleaning materials you want to use ready and waiting for you in the bathroom. As lazy as it sounds, it can be so easy to just think “I’ll do that later” if you have to trek halfway across your home to pick up cleaning supplies.

Put aside space in your bathroom cupboard so you have easy access to everything you might need for a quick wipe down. You will obviously need cleaning products and a sponge or two, but there are a few other items that can be useful to keep a hold of. An old toothbrush is great for cleaning drains, tiles, and other hard-to-reach places. An old towel and a squeegee will prove to be vital in removing water droplets that could leave streaks. If you have a bin in your bathroom, make sure that the right bin bags are also with this little collection of cleaning materials. With everything close at hand, you will find it very easy to grab whatever you might need to be able to whip around and make things clean.

Look for Preventative Steps

There will be several things out there that you can try if you want to take preventative action in your bathroom. If you can think of a few things that will help prevent the mess from building up, then try to implement them in your bathroom. For example, if you do have a squeegee to help get rid of watermarks, make sure that it gets used. Make it mandatory that after a shower you need to wipe the screen down. If everyone in the household gets into the habit of doing so, it will make cleaning the shower even easier.

Cleaning out your drains can also be one of the most unpleasant tasks in looking after your bathroom. Using a drain protector from TubShroom will make this much easier to manage. Simple changes such as this might be all that you need to help introduce some preventative steps that will help to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer.

Tackle Mould as It Appears

Mould loves humid and damp places, and there is no room in your home that is as humid and damp as your bathroom. You need to just accept that you are going to get mould here and try to come up with some ways that you can fight against it.

A deep clean of your grouting every now and then will be a great preventative measure. Use that old toothbrush to scrub some bleach in between the tiles and grouting and leave it to sit for a bit. Rinse away what is left, and you will hopefully take away the mould with it. Make sure you buy some cleaning products that are good for tackling mould too and try to give affected areas a scrub as soon as mould begins to grow there. Don’t give the mould a chance to grow – instead tackle it as it appears and you will have a much more pleasant bathroom overall.

Be Disciplined

You won’t see any improvement in your bathroom if you are not prepared to be disciplined and actually stick to the decisions that you have made. You could have everything you need to clean at your fingertips, but you need to be the one to make the decision to actually have a whip-round and ensure that everything is indeed clean. If you want to enjoy a clean bathroom, you need to make sure that it is going to be kept in that condition.

It can be truly astonishing just how quickly a bathroom can get dirty again. It does not matter if you live alone or as part of a massive household – if you aren’t prepared to step in and clean where necessary then you are going to quickly discover that things will get grimy very quickly.

Staying on top of the cleaning in a bathroom is easier than you might imagine. Even a wipe-down at the end of each day will make a massive difference – and it is easy for you to do before bed! Take the time to work out how you can always keep your bathroom as clean as can be.

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