Is digital printing growing in popularity in 2022?

August 10, 2021

digital printing

Digital printing is, for all intents and purposes, the future of printing. Already one of the most efficient and effective methods of printing, as digital printing technologies continue to develop, the quality of digitally produced prints will only get more impressive and affordable. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why digital printing is growing in popularity in 2022.
What is digital printing?

Digital printing, as the name suggests, is a method of printing that takes a digital-based image and prints it directly onto a medium of the printer’s choice. It differs from ‘traditional’ lithographic methods of printing in a few ways.

Perhaps most significantly, there is no middle stage where the image is put on a plate, to then be transferred onto another medium via rollers. Instead, it is printed directly via digitally controlled inkjets. As digital printing is a comparatively simple process, it’s often a more appropriate solution for a wide variety of purposes.

Why is it so popular?

Digital printing is growing in popularity for a number of reasons:


Digital printing revolutionized the printing industry in a very important way: it made printing accessible to everyone, not just those with the money to pay for resource and expertise-intensive traditional printing processes. It’s far more scalable and affordable in many cases - you don’t need to invest in massive run sizes, you can pay for 1 or 1000 copies - it makes little difference to the printer.


As digital printing runs can be much smaller, it often means that digital printing is a far more affordable solution than traditional lithographic printing.

This is especially the case with shorter-run prints; while with lithographic printing, you need to order a certain number of prints for the plate engraving process to be cost-effective, with digital printing, all you need to do is provide the printer with a digital file and you’re good to go.
Domestic solutions

Digital printers are a common item that people have in their own homes. Domestic printers are generally limited to A4 paper sizes, and can rarely print on diverse media such as fabric and plastic. That being said, they can provide impressively high-quality smaller prints that are appropriate for a wide variety of domestic purposes.

Professional digital printing services

In some cases, small-scale domestic printers aren’t enough. It might be that you need to print larger images, print on something other than paper, or you need to do a longer print run that just wouldn’t be efficient with a small printer.

In these cases, professional digital printing services providers such as Plan Printing 24 can provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Using larger, industrial printing solutions, they provide a wide variety of printing solutions that are only increasing the popularity of digital printing.

With advanced technologies, such as printers that use UV light to set ink instantly, digital printing is set to become an increasingly popular option for most printing needs.

Does digital printing show any signs of slowing down? It certainly doesn’t look like it! Ensure that you research and invest in appropriate equipment (or opt for a leading service provider), and really take the time to understand the core benefits of this printing approach. Once you’re set, the sky really is the limit.

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