Top Tips to Avoid Dehydration When You Go on Holiday

September 17, 2021

Tips to avoid dehydration

During the pandemic, we have been dreaming of being able to enjoy a relaxing break away and going on holiday once again someday. Do you enjoy going on sweltering hot beach holidays during the summer months and coming back home with an impressive glowing tan? Do you go on adventurous activity holidays and exert yourself physically and do lots of exercise? Making sure that you don’t fall seriously ill by getting seriously dehydrated whilst away on holiday is essential, and the consequences of not taking precautions and dealing with your dehydration in time can be fatal.

We have come up with some top tips on how you can avoid getting dehydrated, so you are free to fully take advantage of the moment, enjoy the now and have fun during your break away.

You Need to Look Out for the Key Signs That Your Body is Getting Dehydrated

So how can you know when you are becoming dehydrated on holiday and know when it is time for you to take action? There a several clear signs to look out for that indicate you are getting dehydrated on your trip away:

  • Developing dry skin, mouth, lips, and eye beds
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Your urine smelling or being a dark color
  • Passing less urine than usual
  • Low Blood Pressure

If you start to notice one or several of these symptoms of dehydration together it tells you clearly that your body is getting dehydrated, and you should not wait about, act fast to get yourself rehydrated again.

Make Sure You Take Plenty of Fluids

The most essential way to ensure your body’s tissues and kidneys get enough water that they need to function properly and so you don’t become dehydrated is by consuming plenty of fluids and drinking lots of water. Drinking water is much better for you than drinking sugary drinks such as soda.

It can be easy to lose track of time and forget to drink when you’re laying back relaxing reading a book in the sun on a sun lounger, spending the day going skiing or snowboarding with friends in the mountains, or going on adventurous hiking walks. You should have a great holiday and make memories that will last a lifetime, whilst also making an effort to make sure that you take in plenty of fluids on a regular basis

Make Sure Your Body Gets Enough Electrolytes

There are several ways you can deal with dehydration on holiday and take effective action to deal with it immediately. Some measures to combat dehydration once you realize that you’re dehydrated include drinking more water, sitting in the shade out of the sun, wearing a cap, relaxing and taking a break from physical exercise, seeking urgent medical help if you need it and maybe even going to a local hospital and having an IV drip to quickly get fluids into your body. Dehydration affects your kidney function, and you get dehydrated when your kidney is not able to get enough of the electrolytes that it needs such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium. To make sure your body is able to get enough electrolytes whilst you are away on holiday, check out these hydration drops from DripDrop ORS.

Take Breaks to Relax After Spending Time in the Sun or Doing Any Physical Activity

If you have been being doing physical activities on your holiday such as walking, climbing, snowboarding, skiing, sailing, fishing, and maybe even bungee jumping, you will most definitely feel quite tired and exhausted. Doing lots of strenuous physical exercise always has an impact on the body, so you most certainly don’t have to be on holiday in an extremely hot destination to become severely dehydrated.

It’s advisable that you take regular breaks from the sun if you are on a holiday in a hot place. Go and sit indoors or under a veranda roof in the shade to let yourself cool off and give yourself a nice much needed break from the constant heat. Spending too much time with your body openly exposed to the sun without being under any shade can leave you severely dehydrated as your body loses water and can cause long-term damage to your skin.

Taking breaks is not only important for avoiding dehydration on sunny hot holidays, but your body will also need a rest on any holiday where you are physically exerting yourself a lot. Do not forget the cardinal rule that the main aim of holidays is primarily for you to take some time relax and chill. You most certainly want to avoid the hassle of getting severely dehydrated and then having to use your holiday insurance to pay for an IV drip and spending your precious holiday time in a hospital.

So, with everything starting to open up again, flights to destinations abroad operating, and travel becoming possible again if you take a few simple coronavirus tests, why not go on an exciting trip away? Just don’t forget to look after your body and stay properly hydrated.

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