Heartfelt Personalized Christmas Gift Idea From Hooray Heroes

November 30, 2021

Personalized Christmas Gift Idea From Hooray Heroes

I'm not sure about you but comes the holiday season, I'm always in search of the most perfect and meaningful gifts for my loved ones. When Justice turned one, I made him a special personalized book from Hooray Heroes and loved it. So it's a no-brainer that they'd have something unique for this holiday. And, they do not disappoint. They've got a great selection of personalized Christmas books for husband, wife, partner and children!
What makes Hooray Heroes storybooks so special is that you can personalize the characters to look like yourself and your kids, combine with beautifully written stories and vibrant illustrations. I ended up choosing this Mommy-and-kiddo book that imagines what my little boy might wish for his mommy. 

Personalize Gifts with Hooray Heroes

With a few simple clicks, I can preview how my book looks like with our names and personalized characters in the stories. The toughest part I must say though is choosing the 10 stories/wishes. Each one is heartfelt and sweet to read. I spent a lot of time reading the stories and choosing which ones to include in our book. 

Here are the stories that I get to choose from:

  • Training with Reindeer
  • Writing to Santa
  • Winter Walk
  • Toy Factory
  • Delivering Santa's Letters
  • Bringing the Tree Home
  • Xmas Sweater Selfies
  • Decorating the Tree
  • Gift City
  • Making Up New Traditions
  • Snowman Beach Party
  • Reading Stories by the Fire
  • Making Snowflakes
  • Baking Cookies
  • Making Snow Angels

Personalized Christmas Gift Idea

Besides storybooks, Hooray Heroes also offer other personalized gifts for other occasions. I'm eyeing their "Fun Family of Three" personalized puzzle for Justice! 

Take a look at how their personalized storybook magic comes to life.

This is a sponsored post by Hooray Heroes. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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