Caution! 3 Year Old Ahead Construction Themed Birthday

April 06, 2023

I've been busy adulting and momming lately but it felt great to flex my creative muscles to DIY Justice's 3rd birthday bash. This year, the theme was Construction site and trucks. Justice is still at the age where he is obvious about what he likes and that has made my life easier when it comes to throwing him themed parties!

DIY Construction Themed Birthday Party

This is the 4th celebrations I threw for him since he was born! Themed parties are so fun to put together and I get to DIY the heck of it. Just like previous celebrations, hubby and I put together our own balloon garland using the colours I sourced from the dollar store. I wanted shades of yellow, greys and whites. So in order to make shades of yellow, I double stuffed one white balloon into the yellow to create a lighter shade and stuffed a grey balloon into a yellow to create a darker shade. These double stuffed balloons were a challenge to inflate so we invested a balloon inflator. That sped up the whole process. We tied the balloons using a fishing line and hung them to the wall using 3M tape and hooks. I added some air-filled construction trucks foil balloons and added a caution sign made from cardstock.

To make a large enough caution sign for the balloon garland, I used two pieces of 12x12" cardstock in black and yellow colour. After designing the sign, I cut my pieces with my good ol' Cricut and stuck the sign onto the balloon garland with double sided tape. Download my cutting file here.


Get this Construction crane truck cutting file for this shirt here.

Another decor piece that I must add to the backdrop for the party is a giant helium balloon of his age. Adding adhesives or decals onto helium balloons is the easiest way to create a customized look for themed parties. I made one last year for Justice's Two Fast Race Car themed birthday and it turned out great. So, I wanted to do it again this year. I bought the gold foil number 3 balloon at my local party store and added black adhesives to create a customized construction looking balloon. 

The party plates were also customized as well. I drew a worker digging into a piece of cake with Illustrator and cut it out onto black adhesive vinyl with my Cricut. After adhering the decal onto yellow plates, they look like construction road signs! Download my cutting file here.

Ever since I learned how to make cake toppers with cardstock, it has become my favourite way to dress up cakes now. No more spending hours and pulling all-nighters to make my own fondant and decorations. I drew out the design using Adobe Illustrator and cut onto cardstock with Cricut. The key was to use double sided foam tapes to make certain parts of the design stand out so it would look more 3D. I crumbled a few pieces of Oreo cookies and sprinkled all over the top of the cake and around the bottom. I added 2 of Justice's toy bulldozer and dump trucks and added few pieces of Maltesers as boulders. 

If you've been following along all his previous birthday parties, you'd know that I love making him a custom shirt to match his birthday theme. I used the same crane truck graphic that I cut onto an iron-on vinyl for the front of the shirt and a construction sign with the number 3 on the back of the shirt. You can also get this svg cutting file in my shop here.

Lastly, for party favours, I packaged yellow Play-doh and a bag of cookies into kraft paper bags with tags that I designed and printed on cardstock.

Everything turned out just the way I envisioned it and Justice had a blast with family and friends!

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