Baby on Board? Prepare Yourself for Postpartum With These 5 Game-Changing Products

April 18, 2023

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Anyone with a child can tell you that the aftermath of Labor and Delivery, no matter how you bring your baby to earth, is life-changing and nothing to joke about! Whether you need stitches, you're swollen; you constantly need to change adult diapers, and more, what your body goes through after birth is intense. On top of all you're going through, you have a newborn child to care for, which, while joy-filled, is challenging, to say the least. While it's true that money can't buy happiness, it sure can buy products that can make your postpartum recovery and journey easier. Whether you're expecting yourself or have a loved one you want to bless with recovery gifts, keep reading for the most game-changing postpartum products every new mother deserves.

Numbing Sprays

There's no shortage of YouTube or Tick Tock videos to show you how to make maxi pads with ice or how to properly use a perinatal bottle, both of which have their place in your recovery and can be helpful - but the number one thing to comfort you "down there" are numbing sprays. You may be part of the minority of women that don't experience tearing, though most do; either way, you will be next-level sore. Numbing sprays like Dermoplast or Lansinoh can be sprayed safely and directly on areas that hurt to help you through that first week of discomfort.

Period Panties

Some women opt for adult diapers, others for super maxi pads, but both feel like you're wearing a phone book between your legs. Thankfully there are period panties that are so absorbent they can even handle the postpartum flow. Realistically, your flow postpartum will be that of a heavier period, and if you have to change out your period panties or pads more than once an hour, it's best to ring your gynecologist or GP. One of the most reputable brands you've likely heard of is Thinx period panties, and you may have wondered, "Do Thinx really work?" Yes, yes, they do. Invest in several sets because let's be realistic - you won't be doing much laundry those first couple of weeks.

Potty Products

Something that's naturally on the mind of expectant mothers is how those first BMs after the baby is born will work - but it's nothing to be worried about if you have the right products to make the job easier. A squatty potty to put your body into the natural position for a movement is essential. Another key item is a way to keep things clean down there afterward, which you can achieve through the use of a peri bottle or, even better, installing a bidet. Once you go bidet for baby, you'll never go back.

Postpartum Exercise Classes

There's a good chance that you took part in prenatal exercise classes like yoga, gentle strength training, and your regular cardio, but it's important to remember that your body just went through significant trauma, and you should know about postpartum exercise and your limits. Gentle training is recommended for the first month to six weeks after delivery. Be realistic about how quickly your body will bounce back, and don't compare yourself to celebrities or influencers. Most women report they don't feel like they did pre-baby for close to a year after delivery - and some women never do. Postpartum exercise classes boost your energy for caring for the baby, release feel-good hormones for your mental health, and increase your overall wellness.


You may not think of a therapist as something you need on your shopping list for pregnancy or postpartum, but postpartum depression is a real and serious threat to women's mental health and is not discussed enough. In fact, 1 in 7 women experiences PPD, so while having a village to help you is essential, so is a therapist. Even if you're not experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, discussing your feelings about a new parent with an objective third party is game-changing and sanity-saving.

Having a new baby is something to be treasured but it comes with challenges. Having the above things lined up before your delivery will make you more confident and comfortable during your recovery during the fourth trimester. Good luck, and remember, you got this, Mama!

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