Accessorizing Your Home: Simple Tips to Add Style and Personality

April 24, 2023

Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing your home can be as simple or complex as you want. Some underlying factors may influence you to decorate one way or another, including your personal preferences, where you live, and who you live with. Whatever motivates your style, ensure you’re still implementing a style that reflects your personality. This article discusses tips to add style and personality to your home through accessories.

Decorate With Wall Art

Incorporate your unique collection of wall art to bring liveliness into your space. You can choose between (or mix and match) fine art and pictures of your loved ones.

Adding photos that reflect who you are in the people you care for makes all the difference to your place's vibe and truly makes your house a home.

Create a gallery of your favorite photos and display them neatly on a wall or leading up your staircase. You can even have photos printed into a picture blanket for an especially unique home accessory.

Add More Color

Consider the colors that reflect your personality and implement them in your home décor through accessories. You might consider adding a few pops of color to your couch pillows and throw blankets.

Other ideas include textured window treatments such as patterned curtains or modern geometric rugs (perfect for pet owners). Make sure that the color scheme you work with is unique but still invites balance into your space so that the general aesthetic of your place is easily spotted and understood.

Choose a primary color, and add a few other tones to spruce up your home. You don’t need to incorporate a rainbow of colors to make your home look unique, and pick a few that work together and still stand out as tasteful choices.

Candles And Vases

You can add even more variety to your space by adding unique candles and vases that reflect your personality. Candles are versatile because you can select them based on smell or how they look. Choose the candles that reflect what you stand for or enjoy in your space, whether that's the aroma or the visual appeal of a particular candle.

For vases, decide whether you will use them to place flowers into or if they will stand alone as décor items. If you choose the latter, ensure you coordinate your vases with an appropriate balance to add value to your space. If one vase is taller than another, put the taller vase behind the shorter one to add contrast in a visually appealing way. Otherwise, you may only end up creating clutter.

Use Trays And Baskets

Not only do décor trays and baskets add aesthetic value to your space, but they also provide a way to organize your belongings. If you don’t have a spice rack, organize your spices and seasonings into a tray and place them neatly on a kitchen shelf. A mix of materials also helps here, i.e., wire bowls and wicker baskets work well when paired together despite being very different materials.

Do the same with other belongings that need a home, and your place will look neat and organized in a way that is unique to your style. When you shop for baskets and trays, remember to focus on color and texture to create variety and balance within your space.

Make Your Home A Reflection Of You

Add your personality and unique style to your home by implementing accessories that reflect your style and values. From family photos to textured décor elements, your home can truly reflect you and everything you like by following the suggestions above.

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