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Hi there, I’m Lorita. Welcome to my blog! Ting & Things is a lifestyle blog about fun, travel, and all sorts of pretty things.

I started out as a graphic designer and is now a digital content creator and marketer. I'm a self-taught baker who enjoys dressing up my baked goods and making my cakes look pretty. I am THAT girl who likes to take pictures of her food (okay, I admit I take pictures of everything) and share them on a blog and Instagram (that’s just my way of appreciating the good stuff. Otherwise, there won’t be any content on my blog either!). When I'm not in front of my computer, you'll find me lying on my couch with a bag of chips or a cup of bubble tea.

I first started this blog in 2007 with the name, Every Little Thing. I wanted to have a creative outlet for me to express myself and have a forum to share my creativity and stories with like-minded people like you. As my blog continues to grow, my goal is to inspire others with what I do most and best. And that is to share fun, novelty experiences and how to make things pretty. 

So why does the blog become Ting & Things? Simple. I want the name to be catchy, easy to remember and available as a domain. Another reason is that the word, “Ting” means pretty and it’s also part of my Chinese name. When you combine Every Little Thing with Ting, we have Ting & Things.

My husband, Will, and I currently live in Toronto, Canada in a little townhouse in the suburbs. Aside from hustling and tackling home improvements, we're raising a little human and learning how to become a parent. Be sure to catch all our parenthood journey here on my blog!

Thanks for visiting!

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Check out this interactive map for the cities I've been to. Each city is colour coded by continent, you can filter by clicking on the menu on the top left corner beside "Lorita's footprints".

About Me

About [span]me[/span]
Hello, I'm Lorita, a bubble tea addict. I'm here to inspire you to enjoy and create a pretty and fun-filled life you deserve.