{My Diet Journey} Tuna Sandwich with Scrambled Eggs

May 17, 2011

It's finally Saturday! That means only one more day to go and I can progress towards the second phase of my South Beach Diet! For the second week of phase 2, I can then have both serving of carbs and fruits on the same day! YEAH! But for now, I still have to stick with eating one serving of either carbs or fruits, so this morning, I made tuna sandwich with whole grain bread. But because it's only one piece of bread, I think the portion is a bit too small, so I added in scrambled eggs. I rather have a big breakfast in the morning so I don't have to eat as much later on.

I had some leftover tuna the other day from lunch so I saved it for my breakfast this morning. I added some low fat mayonnaise with some chopped onions and mixed the tuna together. Quite simple and very healthy. I love the flavour of the tuna but I would need to chew some gum after eating it with onions for sure.

Yummy and healthy breakfast to start the day!

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