How this Timex Vintage Watch changed my mind

April 21, 2012

{Vintage Originals 1960's from Timex }

I have a friend who works at Timex. He sent me his company website one day and told me I could pick any watch there as my birthday present. My first thought was like... seriously? How am I going to find something I like from Timex??? I was never a fan and never worn anything from this brand even when I was in elementary. The brand always feels dated and old-school. 

After spending some time digging through their website, I actually found something I like! That is the Vintage Original 1960's collection. I ended up spending a good two days deciding which colour strap I should go with. And I finally decided to go with the classic brown leather strap. 

When it arrived, I am impressed. The watch is well made and elegant looking. It's packaged in a gift box. The face of the watch lit up when you press with the side button. Who knew I could find something so pretty from Timex? Lesson learned, never judge a book by its (name?). I got a lot of compliments every time I wore the watch out. Nobody could tell it's a watch by Timex. Such a lovely gift.

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