Road Trip to the Beautiful Prince Edward County

October 28, 2012

{ Summer outfit - Flower top and nautical skirt to match sunflowers and the day at the beach}
Back a month ago when it was still summer, I went on a road trip to Prince Edward County with a friend. When he first proposed to me that the drive would be 3 hours long and that I have to wake up at 8 am on the weekend, I was hesitant and actually wanted to bail last minute. But my guilt eventually had gotten me, so at last, we compromised and started the day an hour behind the original plan.

{ Wizard of Oz-esque sunflower field }
{ I'm pretty sure the sunflower is bigger than normal, it's like the size of my head! }
We first passed by a local farmland and were attracted by the beautiful sunflower field. We sneaked in and snapped some Wizard of Oz kind of pictures. Then, we finally arrived to the Sandbank provincial park. It wasn't too long of a line up given that it was a long weekend Sunday but there’s an admission fee of $16 per car. A bit steep for the two of us as we weren’t planning to stay there for long. We were quite surprised to find out that the sandbank is amazingly gorgeous and quite large in size. I felt like I went to somewhere Caribbean. How stupid would I be if I did end up bailing out? The sand is super soft and fine. I couldn’t help but to rub my feet obsessively and “sand-skate” my way around. I would immediately dive into the crystal clear water if I had my bathing suit on. People there are a bit chillaxed, unlike Wasaga or Woodbine beach which are quite crowded and you could have the possible chances of bumping into people you least expected. My friend actually regretted for not bringing his dog with us. I would have brought mine for sure if I have one too. But I don't.

{ Silky smooth sand at Sandbanks beach }
{ I have a thing for stripes especially in nautical style - Skirt from Forever 21 } 
{ Sorry to disappoint, I did not make this sandcastle }
{ Wouldn't it be nice if I wore my bathing suit? }
We then took off to the notable Black River Cheese Company but I find it very commercial and small from my expectation. The variety of cheese aren’t as diverse and extended as I imagined it to be. There are 5 plastic boxes of cheese curds for customer to taste and a few selection of ice cream at the back with the most popular flavour being the raspberry and lime sherbert. To mark our visit, my friend bought home the mozzarella and salsa cheese. I would have picked the same one as well because that seems to be the most interesting type there. We went passed Picton along the way but didn't really see anything we like to eat. After all, the town is pretty small.

Our last stop was the Lake on the Mountain. Like its name, it is actually located above the Bay of Quinte. I am not sure geographically how this happens but this is the fascinating part about nature. It's a quiet and peaceful park for a nice family picnic or even wedding pictures. There's really not much to do at the park besides enjoying the scenery and walking along the trails.

{ Lake on the Mountain}

Kudos to my friend who researched all these great places to visit, another place to recommend for a good relaxation getaway.

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