{Outfit of the Day} Wild Berry Skittles

December 11, 2012

Every Friday, a candy cart full of candies and chocolates get strolled around by our new hires at work. Sometimes depending on the time of the month, there would be a wonderful selection. On the odd days, we would even find fruits donated by our health conscious members in this cart. However, when stock is low, we'd be lucky to find anything other than Werther's. I love candies and everything sweet. I need to munch on snacks when I work, they release my stress and help me to concentrate. So my outfit of the day this time was inspired by this candy cart of joy.

{ Outfit Overview }

Colour-block sueded peep toe wedges from Charlotte Russe, same here

I love the popping colours on the shoes but they aren't versatile enough to wear them on a daily basis. But they work with the outfit this time.

Khaki Easy Knit Legging Pants from Uniqlo, same here

I bought these when I was in New York. I love Uniqlo. I'm always afraid that that light coloured pants would make my legs look thicker. But this pair fits perfectly without emphasizing on my thighs. Actually my mom even thinks that my legs look longer and slimmer in them. They stretch nicely and are super comfortable to wear. I wished I've gotten more in other colours as well.

Lavender ruffled layer top from Urban Behavior, similar here

Purple Shimmer Cardigan from Urban Behavior, similar here

Colourful wood necklace, similar here - forgot where I got these, sorry. My mom loves borrowing this necklace every time she goes on a cruise vacation.

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