Authentic Thai {Khao San Road}

December 18, 2012

Finally get to try Khao San Road for the first time. It's always been difficult for me to try out restaurants in downtown because I live in the 905 area. Finding places for parking is a pain, unless taking the subway down. The two times that I hopped onto the public transit for a downtown visit, I’d walked down to Khao San Road and both time I was disappointed to find out they don't open on Sundays! (yes, it took me two times to remember) So, this time, on a Saturday night, I told myself if this visit fails, I’m giving up on Khao San Road. Fortunately, it was opened but the wait was about an hour…(we got there at 6ish). My boyfriend and I decided to wait but were urged to wait outside in the cold because the restaurant has a occupancy issue due to the license and cannot allow too many people to wait inside. Not really welcoming for us as well as for the people who are also lining up. No heat lamps available and few seats outside the restaurant. So, we left the area and took a walk nearby just to kill time.

We came back on time but still waited for 15 minutes longer before we were seated. The seats were uncomfortable backless high chairs which seem to be the trend for urban eateries, namely Momofuku and Kinton, that pretty much encourage you to get up and going as soon as you're done your meal.

So, where am I going with this? Sounds like a lot of complaints before the food actually arrives. The food was not a disappointment. We ordered a bottle of Thai beer which reminded me of Tsing Tao (I don’t really drink beer so for me it is easy in the mouth). I ordered the Thai iced tea only because it specifically indicates it's Thai. I want to know if there's a difference from the HK style that I'm used to drink. Their iced tea was too sweet at first sip but later I realized the sweetness created a delish harmony with the food. I totally recommend to take a sip after you consume the food.   

{ Thai Iced Tea $4.5 and Thai Beer $6 }

{Garlic Chicken $9}

We ordered the fried chicken as recommended by staff as one of the popular items instead of the squash fritters that everyone ordered. The sauce is what made the dish so amazing and addictive. Little bit of sweet and sour and a gradual flavour of spiciness that leaves you for wanting more. 

When our Pad Thai and Khao Soi arrived to our table, the group beside us got into excitement and told us how much they loved both dishes. Then, I found out that not only they ordered the same thing, but almost everyone in the restaurant did as well. The Chef's special Pad Thai is delicious and well fried altogether. It has a multi-layer sensation of sweet, sour and savoury that makes the dish super appetizing. Khao Soi also brings in a dual texture of firm egg noodles and crispy crunchy thin noodles on top and served with a rich and creamy curry stew. Although, I was discouraged to finish the remaining stew when I saw how much oil was left in the bowl, it is a great dish nevertheless.

{Chef's Special Pad Thai $15}

{Khao Soi $14}

To end the "New Thai Experience" as Khao San Road proclaims, we ordered the Sa Koo Ma Prao, which is a cup of tapioca served in sweet coconut milk. To be honest, we both dislike the dessert. It was small for $4 and has a weird combination of savoury and sweetness in the coconut milk. We did not finish the dessert regardless of the small portion.

{Sa Koo Ma Prao $4}

We had a satisfying good meal at Khao San Road but because of the time waited in line and the whole waiting-outside-in-the-cold experience, we didn't think the food was that spectacular for us to come back for a second visit. In summary, I like Khao San Road but won't be coming back again, or at least not in winter time.

How was your experience like at Khao San Road?

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