#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul {The Turkish Bath Experience}

June 06, 2016

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

The Turkish bath I had in Istanbul during my #HosGoGlobal journey to Europe was truly an unforgettable experience. Don't get me wrong, Istanbul is a fabulous city, combining both ancient side and modern side in one and I really enjoy that a lot. But when my family decided to deep dive into their culture to try out their baths, I wasn't sure if that was the best idea to do with all my cousins and aunts.

Now, before this trip, I had tried baths in China where they treated you like a royal, serving you fruits, massaging your feet and scrubbing dead skin cells off your body. These were only one of the many services they provided. So, when we were in Istanbul, I was actually expecting a somewhat similar royal experience. I was wrong.

{Cemberlitas Hamami Turkish Bath} 

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

There were a lot of Turkish baths around and we decided to try Cemberlitas Hamami. From their website, they claim to be one of the world's most authentic Turkish bath and had opened since 1584! When we arrived at the entrance, we were prompted to choose a treatment. Upon paying, we were directed to the changing area, where we undressed ourselves... Maybe I was conservative, I brought my bathing suits with me just in case I could wear them in the baths. But nope! They offered a bath wrap and what I called a pair of paper panties for each of us to wear before we headed to the main bath area, göbek taşı.

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath Experience

It was like sauna in there, I was sweating as soon as I entered the room. In the centre, there was a big piece of heated marble platform where everybody was lying around. And I wasn't exaggerating, EVERYBODY including people you don't know was there, naked on the platform. I was instructed to lie down on the platform but it was completely overcrowded with very little space between people. A woman's feet were literally beside my face. I lay around for awhile, putting my attention up high to the beautiful dome above until an attendant in her underwear came and threw buckets of water at me and lathered me up with soap.

Honestly, I felt like a piece of meat on a grill. She even flipped me around so that she could scrub every part of me. Then, she took me to the marble basin area, where she poured water over my head to wash off all the soap away. She told me I was good to go. 

I was the first to finish among our family. I headed to the 3rd floor where I was finally placed in a private room away from everybody for a massage. The aromatherapy oil massage was relaxing and pleasant. The attendant gave me a massage around my shoulders and neck but for me, it felt more like rubbing than massaging. She finished it off with a smooch on my forehead which I was a little thrown off by. Then again, maybe I was too conservative.

#HosGoGlobal to Istanbul - The Turkish bath ExperiencePhoto source: Cemberlitas Hamami 

Was it an unique and interesting experience? Yes totally. Would I want to go back? Probably not. The whole experience felt rushed and sloppy. For now, I'd prefer the Chinese massage and baths, at least they made me feel like a VIP customer (or just call me a princess).

Have you tried Turkish baths? What was your experience like?

{#HosGoGlobal to Europe}

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